Pendant by Armenia Bielefeld is said to racist in the weekend and have beaten a railway staff.

As the police announced, it should be on the early Sunday morning on the return of the Armies fans from the away game at Bayern Munich (0: 1) in an ICE to several incidents.

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Accordingly, a 34-year-old Armies fan should hit the head of the ICE on-board bistros with the fist in the face, offended this racist and threatened with death. A criminal proceeding for personal injury, threat and insult was initiated after federal police attributed to Hereford station and tried to calm the rioters.

In Bielefeld, another fan of the Elf-Head Group should have threatened to kill the on-board bistro director. Against this 23-year-old man, a criminal procedure was initiated. A 20-year-old had also persistently refused to wear the prescribed mouth nose protection. He now threatens a fine because of the misdemeanor.