Call of Duty: War zone is headed to the Pacific on December 8 with Vanguard’s Season 1, and Activision has gone down a new trailer to showcase some factors of rate of interest for the brand-new Caldera map.

Themed as a traveling ad, the trailer reveals several close-ups of Caldera areas that players will certainly be able to check out, including attractive waterfalls, caverns to check out, farmland, and also the map’s volcano. Of program, the traveling ad comes full of a warning that this imaginary travel airline is exempt for any kind of fatalities or parachute-related mishaps.

Warzone Pacific Trailer and Map Looks Amazing!!! | Caldera Size and Points of Interest

Furthermore, Activision has now disclosed the map and noted off its 15 bottom lines of interest. The map expose additionally confirms that War zone Pacific will take players back to 1944 to fit the time duration with the Lead integration.

Call of Duty Period 1 was set up to get here on December 1 before Activision postponed it to December 8. Everyone who possesses Lead will still get a 24-hour head start to play War zone’s brand-new Caldera map, while everybody else can begin playing the brand-new Caldera map on December 9. For those that don’t own Lead, War zone’s smaller sized Regeneration Island map will still be offered to play.

Players can presently experience a collection of events in War zone to bid farewell to the Verdant map. There’s a classic Operation: Recall limited-time setting and also the Tricks of the Pacific occasion that are real-time in War zone now, and the Last Hrs of Verdant will certainly get here on November 30 as a grand ending event to reveal players what happens to the map leading up to Vanguard’s combination.

This Call of Duty material is arranged to proceed as Activision Snowstorm deals with suits and various other investigations associated to affirmed sexual harassment as well as discrimination against females. Most lately, Kick apparently said he will certainly consider tipping down from Activision Blizzard if problems aren’t fixed rapidly.