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After three months New World finally stopped the drop in players

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Russian владимир владимирович путин, clinical transliteration Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin, pronunciation [Vɫɐdʲimʲɪr vɫɐdʲimʲɪrəvʲɪtɕ Putin]; October 7, 1952, in Leningrad, Russian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Russian politician. He has been head of state of the Russian Federation because 7 May 2000 (with interruption of 2008 to 2012). From August 1999 to May 2000 and from May 2008 to his re-election as a President 2012, Putin was Prime Minister of Russia. From 31 December 1999 to his political election on Might 7, 2000, he was a commissioner head of state in office. Formerly, he was agent of the KGB (later FSB).
After a prevailing evaluation of doubters and political scientists, Russia developed right into an illiberal instruction during Putin’s presidency and also removed from autonomous requirements. The political system he made for which the Russian government uses the term guided democracy is frequently characterized in the literary works as half democratically to tyrannical. A central feature is the upright of power, a comprehensive, rigorous command chain in which the state body organs need to be categorized. Putin prospered in breaking the independent political power of some formerly really prominent entrepreneur ( Oligarchen ). His regulation system is referred to as a feminism. An initial financial upswing, its aggressive international policy as well as its tough line in the battle against terrorism caused a fluctuating, but on average excellent appeal in the populace of Russia. However, the one-sided positive presentation of his policy in state-owned Russian media in addition to the substantial removal of free media and non-governmental organizations with super regional circulation.
Given that the addition of the Crimea in March 2014, the relations between Russia and also the West are thought about burdened. Russian Presidential Administration is charged of experts and also western politicians to injure the European Peace Code. This is coming to be progressively regarding cyber battle (such as the Troll Military), the influence of political elections via propaganda in addition to targeted espionage and activities such as poison stops on oppositional (Sergei Scribal as well as Alexei Navalny) take location. From September 2015, Putin uploaded parts of the Russian Flying force to sustain the federal government military and President Assad to Syria.

Today passes exactly three months from the Prime Minister New World on the Market Square (September 28 – December 28)…

New World | Is the game broken?

… and all signs in the sky and earth indicate that progressive from a week for a week, the number of people playing the number of people was finally detained.

According to earlier calculations, before Christmas, New World was to achieve less than 100,000 or 90,000 online players on the day. However, for three weeks this number is maintained at a more or less the same level.

( Now Swift had two worse days, but it was due to patch and combining servers)

From December 6, the daily CCU is between 105 and 125,000 people online. This also confirms these charts ( here ), which are increasingly decaying.

Of course, this can only be a temporary trend caused by a Christmas break, selling games on steam or expected server connection (from 485 to 135 servers). But for New World we have to look for every positive.

In addition, New World can not lose his players in infinity. The new Today passes Amazon must once reach such a barrier, after which the number of new and outgoing users will be to balance each other.

Was we just got to such a border? We will see in a few weeks.

The largest MMORPG on Steam beans more people when Denmark has ever inhabitants

Mir4 appeared in August 2021 for the PC on Steam, also came mobile on iOS and Android. The MMORPG from Korea advertises with NFTs and thus to make money while playing. This attracts the game many fans — and also such players who need to be banned.

What is this for an MMORPG? MIR4 plays in an Asian fantasy world and visually reminiscent of established MMORPGs like Blade & Soul or Swords of Legends online. It appeared on August 25, 2021, in Europe and has been a hit since the end of 2020 in Korea.

With the 5 classes warriors, magicians, Taoist, lance rider and armrest shooters, the selection of playable characters is quite limited. Many actions are also automated as you can look frequently with mobile games.

This puts the game more on crafting over Life Skills, Loot and Exploration. All this is especially important to get to dark steel — a resource that can be exchanged for Draco. Draco’s are a kind of cryptocurrency and can be swapped in real money, even if the hourly wage fails rather low.

Top 5 Most Populated MMORPG on Steam
How does Mir4 start? With 72,244 players on average and over 97,000 in the top I’m just the largest MMORPG on Steam (via However, New World is steadily arguing around the top. Especially at unusual times, in the morning hours, is me4 but regularly at the front.

The success of MIR4 was even enough for a place in the most played 2021 on Steam — just not for the Top seller 2021. The ratings of mI4 are more mixed and similar to all platforms:

PC: 64% positive and balanced among all 10,265 reviews on Steam
iOS: 3.5 / 5-star rating 563 reviews in the Apple App Store
Android: 3.5 / 5-star rating 102,902 reviews in Google Play Store

There is still a direct client that no statement can be made. One of the biggest criticisms are bots and mistakes. Both problems work. But just initially, that has quenched some players:

Daily updates to the banns — over 7 million accounts locked

Where are the banns? In a daily Progress Report, the developer team reports as it is about the game and the players. The numbers of the daily and entire account locks as well as reasons are always explained. In the latest post of 29 December it says:

December 29 blocked accounts: 9.102
Total blocked accounts: 7.424.206
Reason: use of unauthorized programs and violation of the usage agreement

The number of banned accounts is far above the population of our neighboring country Denmark. The scam according to Wikipedia in January 2021 5,840,045.

In any case, the use of automated programs (bots) for the bonding of dark steel seems to be enormous. Finally, real money can be earned.

The farms of the resource is not the only way to earn money in mine:

The characters themselves can now be transformed into so-called NFTs, and they are acted in such a way. This apparently seems to be worth the people.

What are NFTs? NFT stands for non-fungible token and it is something like digital collective objects. Each object is unique by a code and whoever has a corresponding item can also sell it.

The value fluctuates enormously and depends, among other things, how much demand prevails. Behind it is quite a lot of speculation. Mir4 wants to prevent inflation of their own currency by limiting the absolute amount of Draco’s overall.

NFTs are currently a new trend, on which more and more developers, streamers and more jump up. Mango explains to you in detail what NFT is actually and why the trend makes companies in part by millions of dollars.

Players can unlock dog daycare in Minecraft

Minecraft is doing very well; It celebrates more than a trillion of views on YouTube, and many people can enjoy it, despite the Java exploit discovered earlier in December 2021. But fortunately, exploit apart, there are many ways to enjoy the new year with a new DLC.

One of the designers of the DLC Minecraft, called Razzleberries, created a DLC called Dog Daycare. Anyone with a copy of Minecraft can get this DLC for free via the Marketplace. The Razzleberries creator could create this DLC in partnership with Dystopia to make this possible. In an interview with Razzleberries, it is revealed that this DLC presents the history of the inheritance of a family business, a daycare for dogs. Staff can be hired, and you can discover more than sixteen breeds of dogs with whom to play, wash and dress!

wolf + dog = ???
These are all part of the four mini-games presented that can be played in the DLC. But the card itself is full of urban places, as well as the possibility of hiking trails and nature, all ideal things for dog owners.

But also, quite interesting, this new DLC card is not only for the pleasure of playing for puppies, although you can do a lot. According to the creators, there are posters on dog care filled with facts, and NPCs also have facts about dogs to share. So we can say that it’s fun and educational, especially for those who are a little more likely to dogs.

Those who are interested in the Dog Daycare package can recover it on the Minecraft market now. However, if you want a copy, make sure you have Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with the latest updates to work properly.

Look too

Torflut in the NHL – Kopitar moves the same with Gretzky

When returning from the extended Christmas break, the teams in Fortune presented: The San Jose Sharks defeated the Arizona Coyotes with 8: 7 after penalty shooting, in Shootout were the same seven Sharks professionals. The Vegas Golden Knights retained the upper hand at the 6: 3 against the Los Angeles Kings. The Slovene Andes Movistar equal with his 673. Assist in the franchise history of Kings with ice hockey icon Wayne Gretzky. In the third game of the evening, the Tampa Bay Lightning won 5: 4 after extension against the Montreal Canadiens. Andrew Palate scored the winning goal in the extra period.

Meanwhile, the league has shifted ten more games, but nine of them not because of renewed corona outbreaks but due to spectator restrictions in Canada. Overall, 80 games could not take place this season as planned.

Taxi Squad introduced

Top 10 Moments From Anze Kopitar’s NHL Career… So Far
During the break, the NHL had made some changes to secure the game mode. So the clubs are now commercially undertake for a so-called taxi squad. The introduction of this training sad should prevent associations from being underneath.

The Buffalo Sabers affected by several Corona cases had recruited the German international John-Jason Peter from their farm team Rochester Americans on Tuesday. The 19-year-old Munich could celebrate his NHL debut on Wednesday (local time) against the New Jersey Devils.

In addition, the NHL had decided because of the variety of catch-up games, no professionals for the Winter Olympics from 4 to 20 February in Beijing. During this time, the precipitated encounters should be made up.

Hariotica is a new mobile open world Open world 2D graphics and demanding struggle

Ryan Radon (born February 25, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois) creatively called Cascade, is a US DJ and also document producer nominated for Grammy Honors. He is also a participant of the digital music band Late Night Graduates. He took setting 84 in the study conducted by Damage magazine in 2015. In 2011 and 2012 he came to be positioned at number 30 being the very best place on the listing.

New week, new mobile open world.

Top 13 NO AUTO MMORPG games for Android The Real MMORPG games Most looking MMORPG games NO Auto Play
If you have quite mobile with an automatic fight, automatic creation and automatic crafting… well you have come well. Harmonica is another game than all.

With an open world, 2D graphics and a turtleneck, which — compared to other titles — requires some thinking. By to develop your character, you have to fight innumerable hordes of creatures, mercenaries, cultivators, sheets, zombies, kings, elves and many other opponents. When you’re dealing in the fight, make a fight tactic, improve your equipment, and then connect your strength with other players and throw a challenge the most fierce blossom.

The most important features of the game:

8 unique skill branches: 5 classes of warriors (knight, warrior, killer, archer, gladiator) and magician class (Mag Fire, Mag Ice, Necromancer);
85 playable locations in the open world of EVE;
Over 100 unique monsters with their own features and skills to the most exciting 2D games;
140 types of weapons and 350 types of armor;
Regular events allowing for receipt of valuable prizes;
Bosses and epic bosses. Collect a team of friends or combine forces with random players and defeat bosses in open world battles in the open world;
PVP 1v1 and 5V5 Arena with personal assessment divided into the league.

Harmonica is only available on Android. All willing we invite you here.

DABBURS Away game home

Group Fortress Standard (likewise called Group Fortress 1.5) is a 1999 first-person shooter computer game established and also launched by Shutoff. The game pits two groups against each various other in on the internet multiplayer suits; each team participant plays as one of 9 courses, each with various skills. The situations include capture the flag (CTF), territorial control, and also escorting a VIP gamer.
Based upon the 1996 Quake adjustment understood as just Team Fortress, Valve ported the game to the Golds engine (utilized in Half-Life) as a means of promoting Half-Life’s software advancement kit. Given that the release of Group Fortress Classic, the game has gone through significant upgrades to the gamer models and game settings.

Dabber already has a lot behind, as far as the national team is concerned. The Israeli has already completed its country for his country since his debut in 2014, shot 13 goals and 6 placed. Especially at the end of the calendar year, the 29-year-old was successful, Dabber shot in 2021 in nine games for Israel six goals and prepared two more.

At the TSG, on the other hand, Dabber had long had to fight for a solid paragraph. Also in the current season. Only since the end of November, the technically strong penalty forces appeared regularly in Cofferdam starting And contributed three templates and two goals in his recent six missions. Most recently the dream gate for 2: 2 in Leverkusen, when Dabber the ball swelled the ball as elegant with the hoe in the long corner.

Draymond Jr. Steals the Show At Warriors Game During Dad's Triple-Double
Duel with room

The New Year will now provide a special highlight for the center forces. Quasi an away game at home. On March 26, the selection of Israel opposes Germany in Cofferdam Arena in Sondheim. For Dabber a very special challenge. Especially since he could meet his teammate David’s room, who then also has a home game like national coach Hans Flick, who comes from Mammal Value.

Incidentally, in the last international match in Sondheim, a Oppenheimer for the decisive hits for Germany also provided. In September 2018, today’s Dortmund Nico Schulz scored his first country game of the country and shot the DFB selection in his then living room to a 2-1 win against Peru. Perhaps an omen for his successor on the left defensive side at the TSG. Incidentally, Schulz was also like room in an offensive role in his career.

Elegies probably not there

Whether the second Cofferdam Israeli is a role can play, is uncertain. Although PLAY ELEGIES has already completed five A country games (1 goal) for his country, but the last is already over a year. Most recently, the 21-year-old was used in the U 21 Israel. Also, because the club career was stalled. After an unfortunate lending to the Netherlands to The Hague, the offensive midfielder (contract until 2023) is now borrowed until next summer at the Austrian first division of Admiral Wacker Modeling. However, because the Israeli U 21 is also against Germany in a preliminary home game in the EM qualification, it can not be assumed that Elegies appears with the A-Team in Einstein, where in March 2020 — in the very first ghost game at 0: 3 against Bertha BSC — his Bundesligadbüt celebrated.

Bundesliga No ghost games in Berlin Senate allowed up to 3000 spectators

The professional sport in Germany stands against nationwide ghosts — but Berlin is a special way. The Senate has decided against a complete exclusion of viewers on Thursday and allows events outdoors with up to 3000 people.

In closed rooms, events are still permitted with up to 2000 people. The previous upper limit of 5000 was reduced. The term of the Regulation was extended until January 22, 2022.

The prerequisite is the presence of a corresponding hygiene frame concept. In principle, the events take place after the 2G-Plus rule, thus receiving only vaccinated or geneses, which can additionally show a current negative corona test. Also, wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory. In closed rooms, at least one mechanical ventilation is required.

We decided to take advantage of the risks and protective measures here, said the ruling mayor Franziska Highway (SPD) on Thursday. It is about maintaining activities in culture, sport or business as far as possible, although under limited conditions. We came to the conclusion that this is still better than the complete cancellation.

Confederation and countries had agreed on Tuesday from the highly initial Corona variant Omicron to exclude spectators in supraregional sports major events from 28th December.

Articles and videos about the topic
Freiburg and Co.: Surprises of the BL first round
BBC criticizes Bertha for celebrations
Choupo-Moting possibly out to February

The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN — Register now!

Jungle camp 2022 start date and first participants

After the jungle camp last could not take place in Australia because of the pandemic, it returns to I am a star — get me out of here! Next year again at RTL back. Although this time is not in the Australian jungle, the sender sends his more or less prominent participants for the already 15 . Season for the first time after South Africa.

When does the jungle camp start in 2022?

A few weeks before the start, RTL now also announced the start date for the new episodes of the jungle camp. Accordingly, there is the entry at 21 . January 2022 at 21:30 to see. For two weeks, the moderator pair of Sonja Zillow and Daniel Hardwick will present the highlights of the day every day at 22:15. After the final on February 5th 2022 is then a great reunion is planned.

First participant for the jungle camp 2022 known

Total Twelve candidates are soon flown to South Africa. Already at the beginning of the year Filip Pavlov was able to secure a ticket for 2022 in the replacement jungle show. Connecting him Harald Locker and Lucas Cordelia. Other participants will be revealed shortly. Before the start, everyone also has to go in quarantine.

Omicron variant and less time shift

Despite the outbreak of the new omicron variant of the coronavirus — especially in South Africa — RTL holds on its production. Entertainment leader Markus Butter told in an interview with DDL that the crew will stop not only continuously in a bubble, but that all team members are doubled or already boosted are.

Incidentally, the live broadcasts from South Africa will take place in the dark in 2022. The blame is that clear lower time difference. While the jungle camp was always present in Australia nine hours, it is only an hour in the upcoming South Africa season.

Source: RTL

From Dominik Wingman
21.12.2021 at 14:35

Steve Kerr gets boss coach of the US

Coach STEVE KERR - MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY | Each One Teach One Coaching Webinar
The 56-year-old coach of the Golden State Warriors should lead to the 16-color Olympic champion to the World Cup 2023 and the summer matches 2024 in Paris. Our goal is to make our country proud. We will work hard, Kerr said, who led to the Warriors in 2015, 2017 and 2018 in the NBA. In the US team, he was already active as a wizard of Gregg Pooch, who had resigned in Tokyo after the Olympic Said. > Our goal is to make our country proud. We will work hard for that. > > Steve Kerr Kerr, who had played as a player together with Superstar Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls, the first big task has the return to the World Cup throne in front of him. In 2019 in China, the US had already failed in the quarterfinals of France.

Releases Super Meat Boy gloomy science fiction and a heroic scarf

This is a checklist of computer system video games to genre with their excellent representatives. However, the categorization in special video game genres runs out focus.

Also in the Christmas week there are still a few last releases. Among other things, an adventure with a magical scarf and an exciting noir thriller awaits you.

Lacuna | 21st December


In the sci-fi-noir adventure lacuna, it slips into the role of Agent Neil Conrad, which at the beginning pursues its usual job: enlighten a murder case. Quickly, however, turns out that behind it is much more and possibly even the entire solar system is threatened. In order to prevent this, it is now important to ask witnesses to collect hints and to come to the sophisticated one or the other conspiracy.

Alternatively, you can also leave that and wait for your destiny. The shelves of Lacuna site on different courses that depend on how you decide. Classical wrong decisions should not exist. However, only agents who deal intensively deal with the case can uncover the complete truth.

The release of Lacuna is already in May for the PC. There, the adventure with over 94 percent positive Steam reviews was extremely successful. These days follow an implementation for the consoles, with switch implementation only on December 28.

Scarf | 23rd of December


When it gets cold outside, then a scarf is a pretty practical accessory, because after all, the at least a little warm holds. In the 3D platform Scarf, the scarf is even the star of the game and leaves a little boy to hero.

Together, the boy and scarf explore various 3D worlds that introduce their own game mechanics in classic platformer manner. Her jumps, climbs, slides and swung through the landscapes, solves smaller puzzles and tries to capture rebellious souls to uncover the truth about the world.

Scarf is the debut project of the Spanish developer Uprising Studios and for several years in development. Now the release is before, but only once for the PC. A console conversion is not officially not announced.

Super Meat Boy Forever | 23rd of December


Only one day before Christmas Eve returns Super Meat Boy back. The hero of the 2D platform of the same name receives a successor, but playfully distinguishes in an important point: In Super Meat Boy Forever Meat Boy is running permanently and can not stop. Instead, you are responsible for when he jumps and beats to master the numerous levels.

Numerous is still understated, because according to developers expect you over 5,000 different levels, which are composed of different structures. And why does Meat Boy have to be active again? Quite simply: Dr. Fetus has dropped the baby from Meat Boy and Bandage Girl and that, of course, the young father can not be sitting on themselves.

The release of Super Meat Boy Forever is not brand new. The publication took place a year ago, but only now the developers provide a steam version. Of course, they already contain all updates published since then.

Super Meat Boy Forever - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Chipper Grove! (Light World)

If you need a small gift shortly before Christmas Eve, this week can strike at three new games. The year 2021, however, is also the end to the end, while the publishers and developers are already preparing for January 2022.

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