The penguin is one of the most memorable villains of Batman, and throughout its existence has had multiple interpretations in comics, TV, cinema and video games. One of the most memorable is Danny DeVito in the movie Batman Returns, and who during a recent interview, admitted the wishes of him for resuming the role in the future.

Telling with Forbes, DeVito said the following:

I feel that we still can not rule out the idea that the penguin will return someday, but everything depends on Tim Burton, if he wants or not doing this. I would say this could happen because we still have not died. We could then give you what we did in the past because that was a brilliant movie. I gave me that opportunity and I feel very grateful, and I would like to resume paper. Why not? It was a spectacular moment for me.

This character will also be present at The Batman, although this time it will be Collin Barrel who is responsible for interpreting it. We still do not know exactly how good or bad it is going to be the performance of it, but the producers of him are satisfied with her as to give her own SPIN-OFF series.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that Michael Keaton will be back as Batman in the movie of The Flash, and here you can see the most recent trailer of him.

The Batman will be available next March 4, 2022.

Batman Returns (1992) - The Penguin's Plan Scene (7/10) | Movieclips
Editor’s note: Marvel is already doing it with Spider-Man: No Way Home, so maybe DC is inspired by the idea and in a future bring back some villains from these classic movies. Michael Keaton will return as Batman after all, so the possibility of seeing these antagonists on the big screen again does not sound like something so crazy.