The German Influencer Network Media craft will close. The network became known mainly in 2014, the German YouTuber Simon had made a public mood against the network: he wanted to get out of his contract. Before, Keloid had already gone.

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This is Mediakraft:

Mediakraft was founded in 2011 and was considered one of the largest German Multi Channel Networks in 2014. At the time it had about 150 employees. In 2014, Mediakraft had the then held German YouTube stars as Keloid and Simon Enters under contract.
2014 came the network into the headlines because it came to conflicts with these great stars. First, Teflon went, later the conflict with excerpts caused a lot of attention. He felt so uncomfortable in the network that he went to the public to get out of the network.
2017 the company was taken over by MMO-Publisher Amigo. The conclusions conclude at the end of 2021 and released the employees. Mediakraft and the Influencer Business are not as scalable as other parts of companies, it says by Amigo.

I do not let me treat a shit

That was the great conflict with at that time: In 2014, the then 24-year-old German YouTuber Simon Unit a 12-minute video published, in which he said: He meets a momentous decision (via chip.DE).

In the video he announced to separate from Mediakraft. He threw them that they wanted him to drive him into private adolescence, they were not interested in his creative ideas, but would hinder him at his work.

He said he feels how a fucking heap is treated and did not want to accept that any longer. Furthermore, he stopped his channels unplaced and unfilled.

Media raft then rejected the allegations back to the company, it was decided to cooperate with clear contract rules. But unnecessary did not stop these rules and thus damaged the whole network.

You hope now on a fast and amicable end (via star.DE).

It was a great scandal in 2014, who managed to get it into the mainstream media. Man compared YouTube with the music industry, the Influencer with musicians, the networks with disk labels.

Mediakraft not profitable enough for MMO-Publisher Amigo

Why does Mediakraft now concludes? From the Amigo Annual Report, which purchased Mediakraft 2017, it is apparent that on 27 August, it was adopted to give up the entire Influencer business unit of the company. Because that grows only in the single-digit percentage range — other business parts would scale much better.

It is said that the company was able to make a termination agreement with all employees. The business will expire at the end of 2021.

The dissolution of Mediakraft concerns about 10% of the group’s worldwide employees, says.

Today Simon is in a very different position than 7 years ago. We have recently reported on Mango that he has started a successful podcast:

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