G2 Esports (previously Gamers2) is a digital sports club based in Berlin in Germany developed in 2013.

Six Karma was one of the new additions in the ESPORTS. It arrived not only Valorant and League of Legends, too at Rainbow Six Siege. Since starting the trip, the results at the Mexican championship were kept inside the Top 4. On the side of the Cup, improved by 4° to a great victory in front of Alpha Team. Your next commitment is against the snakes of either esports.

Staying on the tall table of any competition is a job that has points in favor and against. Luis Fernando Martínez, Executive Director of the Organization, recognizes the importance of care inside and outside the ESPORTS. Especially for someone who is on ascent.

We believe that for the players and the team to be 100% at the time of the competition, much has to see the support in the person integrally, he shared. They have to be fine, feel backed up, Martínez added. The importance goes from care within the work environment as the mood, seeking not to get away from having fun at the time of competing.

At the time you stop enjoying what you do, and you have fun, it loses every sense, he assured him. Six Karma presumed his good internal dynamics, also highlighting the activities outside Rainbow Six Siege. With the positive there are also problems and challenges. Some in the logistics area, such as ensuring an equipped gaming house that does not exceed the budget, have services and salaries a day, among other things. Also, daily situations that are maintained under the magnifying glass of managers and managers. In short, the situations behind the chamber have a lot, in the words of the Executive Director.

In an ecosystem where exhaustion is already part of the conversations — it does not matter which Esport is handled, the words of Martínez charge a lot of weight. As well as those of the captain Luis Navy García.

Navy joined August 24 after being with Others Esports, his rival at the semifinals of December 5. He also reaches Timber Esports, with whom he played a great final against strally ESPORTS and won the closed classification of Mexico for the Invitational Six. In that sense, the pressure is already normal for him. He plays us in favor, he said at the press conference.

eSports Team wird RESPEKTLOS - Rainbow Six Siege
Navy taught the team to deal with the weight of important instances. He commented that he was one of the negative points of Six Karma, but since he arrived there were considerable improvements. A process that is aligned with the bases of the organization. Philosophy is that […] each inclusion of a new player to the team, he has many learning to contribute […] we seek to learn the good, also share what the team already brings. Navy has shared a lot of his experience and that It benefits the competitive level of the team, explained Martínez.

The great challenge of Six Karma is called OTHERS ESPORTS, one of the table leaders. They will play on December 5 at 2:00 pm / 15:00 co / 17:00 AR / 21:00 is.