It was a historical defeat, a revelation, which does not allow it to go to the agenda without swab. 0: 5 at halftime, 2: 5 in the end: It was a desolate performance that the TSV 1860 Munich delivered on Saturday afternoon against the 1st FC Magdeburg.

After the game, Investor Hasan Ismail emphasized into social media: This day today, but the developments of the last few months in the sporting area must be worked up. A statement in which there should be no two opinions, after all, the lions had gone with the intent to the season, taking an equally good role as in the previous year, when the team played the climb to the second league until the last match day.

LÖWENRUNDE vor #M60SVW (29.11.2021).

Ismail strengthens Killer and the team — Grendel but not

Now there is 1860 after 18 games with only 23 points there, a yield that does not meet the requirements and inevitably directs the athletic lead. Is coach Michael Killer even capable of causing the turning? And which share of the misery has Managing Director Gunther Grendel?

With these questions, it is worth reading in Ismail’s contribution between the lines. Killer and the team stand, according to the investor, with me not for discussion. In previous opinions, the Jordanian often wrote from the sporty line — now he took Grendel by explicitly writing by Killer and the players. A finger tie that fears confidence in the managing director.

Grendel’s contract runs at the end of the season. Not excluded that the association canceled him by clause as of December 31 — or, what the signs indicate: that he simply is not extended.