Miscall of Duty: War zone Pacific should change basic things in War zone. New weapons, new map — and actually a new anti-cheat system called Ricochet. But that only comes in time in the Asia-Pacific region on time for the launch. The rest of the world has to be patient — which does not matter to the fans. Mango tells you more.

What is Ricochet? Activision presented his long announced anti-cheat system for Call of Duty on 14 October. That is, Ricochet and is a kind of upgrade the security infrastructure of the popular shooter franchise. Thanks to Ricochet Cheaters should be better discovered and banned forever in all COD games.

When is Ricochet? The better anti-cheat system should have appeared with the launch of the Season 1 by COD Vanguard and new War zone Map Caldera.

However, Activision has now led to official channels that Ricochet appears only in a region on time for the start of War zone Pacific and Vanguard Season 1.

Only players from the Asia-Pacific region may be convinced of Ricochet’s announced time. The rest of the world has to practice patience — a new date was not mentioned (via Call of Duty).

Delayed Start of Anti-Cheat Ricochet Annoyed fans

The big problem of modern cod games are the cheaters. Especially since the start of War zone you annoy the community. The great popularity of the free Battle Royale and the Crossly contribute to the size of the problem.

Accordingly, high expectations had fans for the new anti-cheat system Ricochet. This has been around since the launch of COD Vanguard in the game — but only on the server.


The version of Ricochet, which works as more profound and therefore more effective kernel drivers, should actually appear today in War zone. In the short term, however, was announced: in this country players have to be patienter than expected.

How do the fans react to the short-term ricochet delay? Thanks to the high expectations for Ricochet and the short-term as well as sudden regional delay, fans are very annoyed. Especially on Twitter and Reddit, players say that they are cheated by Activision and feeling lied.

They fear that even the launch of the new map could ruin:

Diskle1 says Reddit: What an absolute joke. The benefit of this anti-cheat over months as a literal marketing tool, so old players come back and then fall the one day before the launch. (via Reddit)
Twitter users @ Chris413Morley writes: That’s not good enough, the Vanguard servers around the world are full of hackers. (Via Twitter)
Also writes on Twitter @ pgriz82: One of the most important updates for War zone does not come to the release… fantastic (Via Twitter)
Reddit User Kanye-is-Alt-Right says: It’s decided with that. I’m not a call of duty fan anymore. (via Reddit)

@Greasyglizzy on Twitter throws Activision: They want to ruin the launch. (Via Twitter)

Activision has not announced when Ricochet kernel driver is also active in this country. Therefore, the players have the feeling that the biggest problems of War zone will continue to stay in the game.

Apart from the new map, fewer new features in the War zone are generally assumed and hoped by the community.

What about this news? Have you hoped for improvements thanks to Ricochet? Or are Cheaters in War zone not so much problem in your matches? If you like your opinion in the comments below.