The new Chapter 3 of Fortnite has not only introduced new weapons and news on the map. Epic Games has endeavored to give him a renewed air at Battle Royale and has also added some mechanics present in other titles to try to offer players new ways to express their ability. Among them, he has highlighted the sliding, which has become the best rated incorporation among the most skilled players.

Everything New In Fortnite Chapter 3! - Battle Pass, Map, Weapons & More!

A new mechanics that favors the best players

In present in many of the Fortnite competitors, the ability to slide has given a greater speed and creative capacity to construction. In a title where it is the aspect to create our own platforms one of the most important to overcome our rivals, this addition allows new attack routes and even minimize the areas of the body in which the rivals can reach us.

After sharing a video showing some of the most interesting uses of the new sliding mechanics available since the launch of chapter 3, a content creator defined the novelty as a new skill gap. This concept refers to the most complex mechanics to dominate that they will allow good players to be even better and by executing their actions of faster and more effective ways than the rest of the community.

With the introduction of displacements, Fortnite advances in its chapter 3 towards a faster and more explosive gameplay that will make construction struggles even more spectacular. It is something that all the players do not necessarily like, but that has become the identity hall of a Royal Battle that now even more power the great mechanics that made it different from the rest. It will be necessary to see, of course, what the players say when the initial illusion of the new season is over.