What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04?
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The fact that FC Schalke 04 does not only want to reinforce in winter, but even in attack due to the badly thin-occupied offensive is no secret — sports director Rouen Schröder already explained that corresponding conversations have long been running. The manager also said that the association could quite give one or the other player. In question come reservists, in which at least one page has promised more of the cooperation.

Schröder is of course in close contact with the financial direction of the Revierklub. Chef’s Christina Rühl-Hamers does not assume that the club can achieve high revenues in this winter. On Schrödermand she told on Wednesday with a view of revenue, but also expenses: It should not happen, which would be surprising.

Cadet value should be maximized

In the long term, however, the focus on maximizing the cadre value, says the board member. The financial situation remains one of the main topics with the relegated, the plan of the Schalke is geared to an ascent over the next three years, explained Rühl-Hamers, which is for structured, well-overheated and far-sighted economic action.

The decision of the second division now fits in the way to restructuring the financial liabilities of currently more than 200 million euros a new corporate bond in the amount of up to €34,107 million in the spring 2022. This is intended for premature refinancing of the Previous bond (2016/2023), which will be due in one and a half years. With details about the concrete schedule as well as to the exact conditions for the exchange offering is expected next month.

Why sporty now also in the previously stable defensive of the shoe pushes (last ten goals in five games), read in the Thursday edition of the Schröder (from Wednesday evening as magazine).