The release of the new map Caldera to the start of the Pacific-updates in Call of Duty: War zone is imminent. But already you can win a comprehensive insight into the new card: Different content creator could already go exploring.

What’s grade in Cod War zone wrong? On Wednesday, 08 December starts with the Pacific Update the first War zone Season in combination with the new game Vanguard. The highlight: the new Caldera map to their release, we already have a great overview here.

Even the current launch trailer for Pacific Update clarified to some extent, what do you expect in Season 1 can. But numerous content creator have shared their first impressions about the map and show first hand how the whole designed.

Explore Streamer the new map Caldera in War zone

Overview of the new map: One of the YouTuber who were allowed to roam already on the new map is IceMan Isaac (via YouTube). In a pre-lobby without an opponent, he got the chance to gain a fairly comprehensive impression.

He flies over the map with one of the new aircraft, racing in a jeep through the area and explores the most important places on foot. If you’re looking for a good overview of the map, you will find it in his flight. The video is in English:

IceMan Isaac describes the map as a fairly close with relatively little open space. Everywhere were trees that one could use to hide. And places like the docks offer plenty of coverage options: All over the map’s cover!.

He strongly emphasized many times how pleased he is with the design choices of the developers: It is as if the developers had played the place and then asked ‘if I’m stuck here, which can save me in this area?’. And if they had no answer to that, something has changed.

He also emphasizes that he comes from a very good visibility on the map. Overall, he speaks of absolutely stunning card.

battles and new Gulag: a little more focused insight be found for example in the German YouTuber Factor (via YouTube). Here you can also see how to make battles on the new map (Factor emphasizes, however, that in the lobby, especially content creators were on the road, which are very good in the game).

An interesting aspect: the new Gulag. The shows to be quite small and manageable, you will meet quickly to misconduct.

Besides Factor raises new places shows how the chic in his view tunnel system in the volcano and also that there will be a bunker on the map again. His video with gameplay, we bind you here:

On the subject of gameplay he says that it was, felt good usually in the places where he fought with his team.

However, he stated, in a situation that the jungle in combination with misty view and the lighting really sure worried that he could not make an enemy: knew I know where they are seen thanks to the mini, but I do not have them. He was, however, not yet sure if the one exception problem was more.

He also examines briefly the aircraft from the Vanguard Royale mode. Which are entertaining, and you can also see in his video, as you can so that land launches. Only the landing should be approached cautiously, as the Flyers explode very quickly.

To set the mood you can also pick again watch the trailer to Caldera here:

When does it go with Caldera The update will start on 08 December at 18:00 and brings in addition to the new map, the remaining contents of the Season 1 of Cod: Vanguard and War zone. Here you can find the current Roadmap to Vanguard.

At this time, however, only players can get started on the new map, which also Cod: bought Vanguard. If you play only War zone and does not have the new main title, you have to wait 24 hours.

Accordingly, there is the following situation:

Vanguard Buyers: Caldera access on 08/12. By 18 clock
Non-buyers: Caldera access on 09/12. By 18 clocks

Non-buyers are allowed to join 24 hours but at least two versions of the small Rebirth Iceland map play: revival and Mini Royale should be in the Playlist.

You want to purify you Peeve more fully in the new update? Here you will find the special with all the information on the Pacific Update in Cod: War zone.