Among the numerous advertisements of new titles unveiled during The Game Awards 2021, we had Dune: Spice Wars, a real-time strategy game inspired by Frank Herbert’s novel. The title is confirmed for PC, and will begin your period of Advance Access EN 2022.

There was no mention a version of the title for consoles The title is in charge of Shirt Games, study that gave us the Northward Strategy Title in 2019. In Spice Wars, on the other hand, we will have Several Factions At our disposal, and our main mission will be to achieve and control the spice in the desolate Planet Arrays.

To fulfill this goal, we can resort to non-loyal methods, such as sabotage, espionage and, if we want to reach extremes, war. All these tricks may seem excessive, but they will be more than common in Spice Wars, and will allow us to have more favorable situations. You can check more details on your official page in Steam.

Dune Spice Wars - Official Announcement Trailer | Game Awards 2021
The title will have a multiplayer mode, but it will not be immediately available in anticipated access, as this will focus on the gameplay for a single person. Spice Wars will also have its own campaign, and we can enjoy it before the official launch. Of course: there was no mention a title version for consoles.