Even if you already have more than 10 years behind your back, Minecraft is still one of the most popular titles of the moment; A fame that continues to grow with the inclusion of its Java Edition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. However, Moving has detected a security problem in this version of the game, and that is why it has not been slow to publish a patch to fix this situation and, therefore, details a series of steps for systems From users are not dangerous.

EMERGENCY Update: Java Has A HUGE Security Concern

As Moving explains on Minecraft’s website, an Exploit has caused a security violation in various services of the company, something that affects Minecraft: Java Edition. Therefore, and with the intention that players can play without risk, developers give a series of recommendations to avoid risks.

If you go from the official Minecraft platform and do not have any server, you will only have to close all the programs executed by the game and the launcher. Open the platform again and the version of the game arranged will automatically download. In case you access the title through third-party launchers, Moving notifies that you may not have the automatic update and recommend follow the steps of the provider of said Launcher. If this platform does not have the patch, the vulnerability will not be arranged and will be risky to enter the game.

The thing changes drastically if Hostels a server, because you will have to follow a few very specific steps that we detail below. After all, the procedure changes according to the game version :

Therefore, if you like to create Venetian channels in Minecraft or you are of those who enjoy a good game of chess in your cubic world, keep these recommendations in mind before starting the game. Because, although the title of Moving has more than a decade, it still works as a machine of creativity and innovation, something we have recently seen with a fundraiser to restore an old church of Spain.