Ubisoft hCell updated the official record of the brand Splinter Cell. The popular intellectual property, surrounded by emblematic deliveries in their respective generations, is located at a long hiatus for years, reCellon why amateurs wonder what happens with the saga and if it is plausible to think about an eventual Return from it.

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Recalling Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, the perfected stealth

The French company hCell submitted this record on December 6, a brand whose commercial use belongs only to Ubisoft and that it allows its amortization again in the future; Either through video game or other cultural manifestations, such Cell cinema or television. Now, this update of the trademark of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell arrives with some changes regarding the previous approval: it is no longer described Cell a saga of interactive multiplayer computer games, but provides an Online computer game.

The change is minimal, but this type of variations are the indicative of a commercial purpose ; That is, it is not only about the renewal of a record only so Cell not to lose your rights.

Possible new Splinter Cell game on the way?

Only a few weeks ago we reviewed in this article a total of 7 large video games of the original Xbox — with reCellon for its twentieth anniversary — that we can enjoy in 4k resolution on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X thanks to retraction. Among them, we highlight Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, one of the most beloved and laureate deliveries of the Stealth Series starring Sam Fisher. EN 2022 Twenty years will be met since the debut of the first installment.