The Environment-friendly Bay Packers are an American football team of the National Football Organization (NFL) from Eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin. The group plays in the National Football Conference (NFC) in the Northern Division. In 1919, the packers were started and also gone into the American Professional Football Organization (APFA), the later NFL in 1921. According to the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears, they are the third-earliest participant of the NFL. Considering that the Bears as well as Packers have played because their very first conference in the exact same division, there is the longest competition between the two teams in the background of the NFL.
The Environment-friendly Bay Packers are the only team in US specialist sporting activities, which is not the building of a solitary proprietor, however listened to greater than 360,000 investors. The Environment-friendly Bay Packers are also the oldest team that still dips into his starting location. In addition, the location of the Packers, which opened up 1957 Lam beau Area, the earliest arena of the NFL.
With 13 championships, the packers were able to win most titles in the history of NFL, of which 9 titles before the Super-Bowl age and 4 Super Bowls. Lastly, the Packers 2010 won the Super Bowl ALV. The prize of the Super Dish is named after the previous train of the Packers, Vince Lombardi.

The Green Bay Packers shook briefly, but ultimately came to a sovereign 45: 30 home win over the Chicago Bears in Week 14. Aaron Rodgers played doing great and compensated so for a rather weak performance of their own special teams.

After a slow first quarter, which only a 23-yard field goal looked from Cairo Santos for the guided tour, both teams torched a real offensive firework in the second quarter.

It started Jake em Grant, who contributed to jet sweep a pop pass by Justin Fields 48 yards into the end zone. Then we went back and forth. The Packers answered with a 2-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to Allen Hazard at 4th and Goal. Then threw Fields a pick-six, the Raoul corner back Douglas was in the end zone 55 yards.

The Bears responded with a 54-yard touchdown pass from Fields to Damage Byrd, who ran out of the backfield a half-back option route and then just too fast was for the secondary of the Packers. After a defensive stop of the guests it was again Grant, who took care of a Highlight — he wore a punt return 97 yards for a touchdown.

That was 90 seconds before the break. Enough time for Rodgers, again nachzulegen. And he did with a 38-yard TD pass to Dante Adams. However, the Bears managed only a field goal for 27: 21 half-time lead.

Packers vs. Bears: Green Bay moves to the break it

After the break, however, the Packers, whose short-Pass and Run Game played only now getting better came to bear. Aaron Jones went first to a 3-yard touchdown and after a strip-sack of Preston Smith as Fields took Rodgers Jones then for a 23-yard TD pass directly following turn. Three minutes before the end of the quarter put Mason Crosby finally a field goal on it, so it was at the beginning of the fourth quarter 38:27 for the home side.

The Packers managed the next stop, and then they were lucky that the Muffed Punt, the Atari is Rodgers made, was not punished. Corner back Kindle Victor was punished for running off the sprint to the front and had not returned to the field immediately. Much to the chagrin of head coach Matt Nagy, moreover, the decision had finished in 4th and short essential for Punt any hopes of a comeback. For in the following drive, the Packers not only took a lot of time on the clock (8:38 minutes), they also achieved another touchdown — Rodgers on Adams.

The Bears then managed another field goal and even conquered another onside kick, but more was then no longer there — rather Fields threw another interception deflected.

Green Bay Packers (10-3) — Chicago Bears (4-9)

Result: 45:30 (0: 3, 21:24, 17: 0, 7: 3) Box score

Packers vs. Bears — key statistics

The eternally youthful rivalry between the Bears and Packers never saw a quarter like the second in this game! Together, the team came up with 45 points — the most ever in a quarter between the Bears and Packers. So that they surpassed the 42 points in the fourth quarter in a game 1955th

Grants punt-return touchdown was the first this season in the NFL. He went about 97 yards and was also the longest in the history of the Bears franchise. Prior to this record Johnny Bailey stopped with a 95-yard punt-return TD 1990th

With his pick-Six in the second quarter Raoul Douglas his second interception return TD scored in the second game in succession. He is the first Packers player, which this is since Hall of Famer Herb Adderley in weeks 1 and 2 in 1965 succeeded.

The star of the game: Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers)

Despite initial problems and gaps in the injury-offensive line Rodgers was not deterred and made several plays, some of which were spectacular to the Packers to keep first in the game and then completely pull them later. Rodgers finally threw (29/37) and 4 touchdowns for 341 yards and actually made any significant errors.

Bears vs. Packers Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2021
Flop of the Match: Xavier Crawford (corner back, Bears)

The Packers needed a little to see through the coverage of the Bears. But after them had succeeded, they made a point of attack, especially Crawford. He saw seven passes in his direction — for seven receptions for 95 yards and two touchdowns. He is by no means solely responsible for the defeat, but he was too often the focus on important plays of the Packers. Criticize but you also have that the Bears offensive is no longer occurred too much in the second half, although the Packers had not changed seriously after the break.

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Analysis: Packers vs. Bears — The tactical panel

The Bears tried to use Jayson Johnson from the beginning of Corner back Jayson Johnson to Wide Receiver Dante Adams. The Packers are more and more likely to counter it that they put Adams in the slot. In addition, in Zone Coverage occasionally a different defender against Adams had to compete. Rodgers sought Adams mainly if it did not go against Johnson, which then led to success.

The Bears mostly played with two deep safeties, whereupon the packers had to adjust first. They then reacted with the Run Game, which was therefore crowned by success, because the box was more easily equipped. In addition, the households always put on short passports and crossing routes.

The Bears aggregate offensively with some empty sets and gave Fields so freedom to take care of his legs and their mobility.

After she held back at the beginning and rather laid on coverage, the Bears were significantly more aggressive after the break, which was a flashing against Rodgers. And then they were punished again and again with precise short passes.