There are several aspects in Pokémon games where you can connect to other players to perform all possible activities. At that time it was only trade and battles. In Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl, there are some activities that you can run for a synchronized multiplayer experience, e.g. B. join groups. So you can join groups in Pokémon DSP and more.

What are groups in radiant diamond and luminous pearl?

Imagine groups like clans, but in Pokémon. If you have participated in an activity in the game where you can connect online, such as the Grand Underground or the Union Room, you can join your own separate and private instance with your group.

They are also synchronized with players in the same group. As in earlier games, you and the people in your group also experience the same events as swarms and Pokemon, which appear in the big swamp. It’s nice, it feels like you are connected, even if you do not play online.

This can be useful to coordinate the mining underground with a group of people. The degradation in the same place can increase the chances to find all identified objects in the walls.

How to enter groups in Pokemon DSP. At

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First, go to Jubilee City and talk to the ACE coach north of the fountain. He will talk to them about groups and how they work. Then you have the opportunity to create one. Do that and give the group a name. As soon as you have set up this, you can transfer access to the group by mixing plates with other players via online or local communication.

After replacing data records, players can join the above groups by in conversation with the ACE coach at the Jubilee Fountain and tell him that they would like to join a group. The group leader can change the name of the group even after the creation.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and luminous pearl are now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.