Germany meets in the Nations League edition 2022/23 on European champion Italy, and the flick-eleven celebrates a reunion with the EM opponents England (0: 2 in the second round) and Hungary (2: 2 in the preliminary round). This revealed the draw of the Nations League on Thursday evening in Non.

That’s great. It’s ideal and charming lots, said Flick. On the way to the annual high point you are with the best. That’s exactly what the 56-year-old for the Nations League had wished for his impressive seven victory star record.

That’s great. They are ideal and sexy lots.

Hans Flick

Against all three counterparties Germany already denied a World Cup finals — 1954 against Hungary, 1966 against England and 1982 against Italy. The team of coach Hans Flick caught an extremely difficult group. Only the winner qualifies for the Nations League finals in June 2023. The group games will take place in June (1st to 4th match day) and September 2022 (5./6 match day).

Germany’s previous Nations League balance is still very expandable after two seasons: So far there were two victories, five draws and three defeats at 13:20 goals. The low point in the Nations League experienced the then Löw-Eleven at 0: 6 in Spain in the last mandatory game 2020.

probably against the Netherlands and an African selection

How far the four-time world champion Germany is already on his way up, that’s what the start of the new international game is expected to provide information. In March, there will probably be a country game against the Netherlands. Corresponding plans for the Orange classic confirmed Flick shortly after the draw. England is now as a desired candidate for the March test now as Nations League opponent. For the second test match, I would like to have a team of another continent, said Flick. In conversation, an African team is an African team on the 26th of March in Sondheim.

Spain meets Portugal — Swiss want to revenge

Also in the other groups of league A comes to high-caliber duels. So in the group 2 Spain against Portugal plays, the two Iberian teams also duel with Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The Swiss Convulses can take the EM against the Spaniards Reach for the quarter-final.

Alba meets on colleague Benzema

The Austrians also meet in the top League of Nations League on France as nominally the heaviest opponents. In addition, David Alba & Co. are waiting for Croatia and Denmark. For the defender of Real Madrid it comes to the duel with his club colleague Karim Benzema. The French want to defend their title from the fall of 2021.

Lewandowski and Poland get it to do with Belgium and Orange

Small Arms of WWI Primer 097: Belgian Nagant Revolvers
Also interesting is Group 4 of the Lisa A: Belgium and the Netherlands may be considered a heavyweight, the duo try to offer the Poles with Robert Lewandowski and Wales with Gareth Bale Parole. The respective tail light of the LIGATE groups increases into the LISA B.

Duel Haaland against Ibrahimović possible

But even in the league B, promising duels were drawn. For example, Norway meets Dortmund’s striker Erlang Haaland on Sweden with the Routine Latin Ibrahimović, Serbia and Slovenia.

Turkey and Kurtz with very light group

In the Lisa C, on the other hand, Turkey had a big potluck with national coach Stefan Kurtz. The Turks meet in Luxembourg, Lithuania and Fare Islands.

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