Diablo 2 finally receives NEW CONTENT!!! - My honest thoughts on Patch 2.4
18 years ago, on 28 October 2003, the patch appeared 1.10 for Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction. This mega-update lay essentially define the meta of the game, which is valid until today. Despite the wealth of new features and gameplay changes gaps and needs, however, remained open. That the developers have this zwischenzeitich not already adopted has nothing to do with comfort, but simply so that worked at that time already the successor and of course to Blizzard’s first MMO, world of Warcraft. On 15 December 2021 prepared in accordance with the developer gameplay patch 2.3 update 2.4 for to remaster Diablo 2 Resurrected before, which is to finally fulfill the wishes of the community.

First the bad news: The rankings (Ladder) will go live until next year and there is no definite date for its launch. The good news: We get new Rune words only for the Ladder and there for the first time after a very long time changes to the class balance, new Heraldic Cube recipes and Set-Item changes included. More details will be revealed in a live stream on 16 December.

Without knowing this, the author of this column would have a few wishes:


Many players, especially in Hardcore, prefer to play alone. So why not Solo Self-Found ranking lists like Path of Exile, if you’re already there?

Better visibility of games

The number of visible public games in Hardcore is extremely low compared to soft core. Why is that? Is the number of visible games limited by the radius, based on the location of the player? There is an urgent need repair.

New Rune words

Although there are no exact details, the new Rune words class-specific and especially low-level high Rune words should include, required for Room Only and and not several high runes.

Rune Drops

The drops of high runes should be increased at least in the Ladder game, so there is a fair chance, even to complete high Rune words. Everything else is Zeitschinderei.

quest rewards

Get For a high-quality class-specific quest reward from Anya (here, from the normal mode) is too rarely — and when it comes, the character is their often long outgrown Source: Diablo 2 Resurrected patch appeared Let’s be honest: the rare loot rewards of Ankara, Chars (enchanted) Or mus or Anya are (class specific) just select. These are unique Rolls per game difficulty and should at least good, if not very good quality!

Item Drops

Rare items (in yellow) should (EGL. Smart Loot) as in Diablo 3 generally intelligent prey are, so their quality is improved. At the moment they are given the (over) powerful Legendarily and Rune words far too weak.

Furthermore, (white) Drops of elite objects are still very rare. Their drop rates should be noticeably increased.

Ladder seasons

There should be seasonal themes with specific meta changes in Diablo 3rd For example, unique seasonal charms or jewels could fall to begin with.

During the interview, the developers stressed time and again that so far nothing is set in stone. Early 2022, the public test server with the hundreds of changes in patch 2.4 is to go online and then the feedback from the testers will be crucial for what ends up in any form at the end of the live servers. I am curious if something is what I still miss.

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