FTB Infinity- Ep.45 - Creating Reinforced Stone!
Cookie mass production game Cookie Clicker with STEAM version delivery started in September, but we supported STEAM workshop with the latest update applied today on December 18.

This work with the game of the STEAM workshop easier to play and realize new game experiences. Several Mods have already been posted, and among them, the creator Octal of this work includes the sample MOD produced. A guide to post MOD to a Steam workshop is also released, so if you want to enjoy the game more deeply, you may want to check it.

STEAM version Cookie Clicker is delivered for 520 yen. Octal says, I’m looking forward to what people think and it tells you that MOD tools will be improved to meet the needs of the community. The update specialized in STEAM function is the end of this time, and it is said to focus on adding new content and gameplay in the future.