This is a checklist of computer system video games to genre with their excellent representatives. However, the categorization in special video game genres runs out focus.

Also in the Christmas week there are still a few last releases. Among other things, an adventure with a magical scarf and an exciting noir thriller awaits you.

Lacuna | 21st December


In the sci-fi-noir adventure lacuna, it slips into the role of Agent Neil Conrad, which at the beginning pursues its usual job: enlighten a murder case. Quickly, however, turns out that behind it is much more and possibly even the entire solar system is threatened. In order to prevent this, it is now important to ask witnesses to collect hints and to come to the sophisticated one or the other conspiracy.

Alternatively, you can also leave that and wait for your destiny. The shelves of Lacuna site on different courses that depend on how you decide. Classical wrong decisions should not exist. However, only agents who deal intensively deal with the case can uncover the complete truth.

The release of Lacuna is already in May for the PC. There, the adventure with over 94 percent positive Steam reviews was extremely successful. These days follow an implementation for the consoles, with switch implementation only on December 28.

Scarf | 23rd of December


When it gets cold outside, then a scarf is a pretty practical accessory, because after all, the at least a little warm holds. In the 3D platform Scarf, the scarf is even the star of the game and leaves a little boy to hero.

Together, the boy and scarf explore various 3D worlds that introduce their own game mechanics in classic platformer manner. Her jumps, climbs, slides and swung through the landscapes, solves smaller puzzles and tries to capture rebellious souls to uncover the truth about the world.

Scarf is the debut project of the Spanish developer Uprising Studios and for several years in development. Now the release is before, but only once for the PC. A console conversion is not officially not announced.

Super Meat Boy Forever | 23rd of December


Only one day before Christmas Eve returns Super Meat Boy back. The hero of the 2D platform of the same name receives a successor, but playfully distinguishes in an important point: In Super Meat Boy Forever Meat Boy is running permanently and can not stop. Instead, you are responsible for when he jumps and beats to master the numerous levels.

Numerous is still understated, because according to developers expect you over 5,000 different levels, which are composed of different structures. And why does Meat Boy have to be active again? Quite simply: Dr. Fetus has dropped the baby from Meat Boy and Bandage Girl and that, of course, the young father can not be sitting on themselves.

The release of Super Meat Boy Forever is not brand new. The publication took place a year ago, but only now the developers provide a steam version. Of course, they already contain all updates published since then.

Super Meat Boy Forever - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Chipper Grove! (Light World)

If you need a small gift shortly before Christmas Eve, this week can strike at three new games. The year 2021, however, is also the end to the end, while the publishers and developers are already preparing for January 2022.