Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Russian владимир владимирович путин, clinical transliteration Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin, pronunciation [Vɫɐdʲimʲɪr vɫɐdʲimʲɪrəvʲɪtɕ Putin]; October 7, 1952, in Leningrad, Russian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Russian politician. He has been head of state of the Russian Federation because 7 May 2000 (with interruption of 2008 to 2012). From August 1999 to May 2000 and from May 2008 to his re-election as a President 2012, Putin was Prime Minister of Russia. From 31 December 1999 to his political election on Might 7, 2000, he was a commissioner head of state in office. Formerly, he was agent of the KGB (later FSB).
After a prevailing evaluation of doubters and political scientists, Russia developed right into an illiberal instruction during Putin’s presidency and also removed from autonomous requirements. The political system he made for which the Russian government uses the term guided democracy is frequently characterized in the literary works as half democratically to tyrannical. A central feature is the upright of power, a comprehensive, rigorous command chain in which the state body organs need to be categorized. Putin prospered in breaking the independent political power of some formerly really prominent entrepreneur ( Oligarchen ). His regulation system is referred to as a feminism. An initial financial upswing, its aggressive international policy as well as its tough line in the battle against terrorism caused a fluctuating, but on average excellent appeal in the populace of Russia. However, the one-sided positive presentation of his policy in state-owned Russian media in addition to the substantial removal of free media and non-governmental organizations with super regional circulation.
Given that the addition of the Crimea in March 2014, the relations between Russia and also the West are thought about burdened. Russian Presidential Administration is charged of experts and also western politicians to injure the European Peace Code. This is coming to be progressively regarding cyber battle (such as the Troll Military), the influence of political elections via propaganda in addition to targeted espionage and activities such as poison stops on oppositional (Sergei Scribal as well as Alexei Navalny) take location. From September 2015, Putin uploaded parts of the Russian Flying force to sustain the federal government military and President Assad to Syria.

Today passes exactly three months from the Prime Minister New World on the Market Square (September 28 – December 28)…

New World | Is the game broken?

… and all signs in the sky and earth indicate that progressive from a week for a week, the number of people playing the number of people was finally detained.

According to earlier calculations, before Christmas, New World was to achieve less than 100,000 or 90,000 online players on the day. However, for three weeks this number is maintained at a more or less the same level.

( Now Swift had two worse days, but it was due to patch and combining servers)

From December 6, the daily CCU is between 105 and 125,000 people online. This also confirms these charts ( here ), which are increasingly decaying.

Of course, this can only be a temporary trend caused by a Christmas break, selling games on steam or expected server connection (from 485 to 135 servers). But for New World we have to look for every positive.

In addition, New World can not lose his players in infinity. The new Today passes Amazon must once reach such a barrier, after which the number of new and outgoing users will be to balance each other.

Was we just got to such a border? We will see in a few weeks.