Minecraft is doing very well; It celebrates more than a trillion of views on YouTube, and many people can enjoy it, despite the Java exploit discovered earlier in December 2021. But fortunately, exploit apart, there are many ways to enjoy the new year with a new DLC.

One of the designers of the DLC Minecraft, called Razzleberries, created a DLC called Dog Daycare. Anyone with a copy of Minecraft can get this DLC for free via the Marketplace. The Razzleberries creator could create this DLC in partnership with Dystopia to make this possible. In an interview with Razzleberries, it is revealed that this DLC presents the history of the inheritance of a family business, a daycare for dogs. Staff can be hired, and you can discover more than sixteen breeds of dogs with whom to play, wash and dress!

wolf + dog = ???
These are all part of the four mini-games presented that can be played in the DLC. But the card itself is full of urban places, as well as the possibility of hiking trails and nature, all ideal things for dog owners.

But also, quite interesting, this new DLC card is not only for the pleasure of playing for puppies, although you can do a lot. According to the creators, there are posters on dog care filled with facts, and NPCs also have facts about dogs to share. So we can say that it’s fun and educational, especially for those who are a little more likely to dogs.

Those who are interested in the Dog Daycare package can recover it on the Minecraft market now. However, if you want a copy, make sure you have Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with the latest updates to work properly.

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