Mir4 appeared in August 2021 for the PC on Steam, also came mobile on iOS and Android. The MMORPG from Korea advertises with NFTs and thus to make money while playing. This attracts the game many fans — and also such players who need to be banned.

What is this for an MMORPG? MIR4 plays in an Asian fantasy world and visually reminiscent of established MMORPGs like Blade & Soul or Swords of Legends online. It appeared on August 25, 2021, in Europe and has been a hit since the end of 2020 in Korea.

With the 5 classes warriors, magicians, Taoist, lance rider and armrest shooters, the selection of playable characters is quite limited. Many actions are also automated as you can look frequently with mobile games.

This puts the game more on crafting over Life Skills, Loot and Exploration. All this is especially important to get to dark steel — a resource that can be exchanged for Draco. Draco’s are a kind of cryptocurrency and can be swapped in real money, even if the hourly wage fails rather low.

Top 5 Most Populated MMORPG on Steam
How does Mir4 start? With 72,244 players on average and over 97,000 in the top I’m just the largest MMORPG on Steam (via steamcharts.com). However, New World is steadily arguing around the top. Especially at unusual times, in the morning hours, is me4 but regularly at the front.

The success of MIR4 was even enough for a place in the most played 2021 on Steam — just not for the Top seller 2021. The ratings of mI4 are more mixed and similar to all platforms:

PC: 64% positive and balanced among all 10,265 reviews on Steam
iOS: 3.5 / 5-star rating 563 reviews in the Apple App Store
Android: 3.5 / 5-star rating 102,902 reviews in Google Play Store

There is still a direct client that no statement can be made. One of the biggest criticisms are bots and mistakes. Both problems work. But just initially, that has quenched some players:

Daily updates to the banns — over 7 million accounts locked

Where are the banns? In a daily Progress Report, the developer team reports as it is about the game and the players. The numbers of the daily and entire account locks as well as reasons are always explained. In the latest post of 29 December it says:

December 29 blocked accounts: 9.102
Total blocked accounts: 7.424.206
Reason: use of unauthorized programs and violation of the usage agreement

The number of banned accounts is far above the population of our neighboring country Denmark. The scam according to Wikipedia in January 2021 5,840,045.

In any case, the use of automated programs (bots) for the bonding of dark steel seems to be enormous. Finally, real money can be earned.

The farms of the resource is not the only way to earn money in mine:

The characters themselves can now be transformed into so-called NFTs, and they are acted in such a way. This apparently seems to be worth the people.

What are NFTs? NFT stands for non-fungible token and it is something like digital collective objects. Each object is unique by a code and whoever has a corresponding item can also sell it.

The value fluctuates enormously and depends, among other things, how much demand prevails. Behind it is quite a lot of speculation. Mir4 wants to prevent inflation of their own currency by limiting the absolute amount of Draco’s overall.

NFTs are currently a new trend, on which more and more developers, streamers and more jump up. Mango explains to you in detail what NFT is actually and why the trend makes companies in part by millions of dollars.