We wanted to play Happen completely, FCC coach Marco Antwerp explained after the encounter at the Microphone of Magenta’s goal the goal of his team — a match plan that sounds unusual in normal context. But against the Slander, who usually make a lot of possession of the opponent, to then beat up with fast switching game, this plan was perfect. You have done us the favor, exactly the balls we wanted to have, explained Antwerpen. The meant are the cross locks and false passes, which were repeated in the midfield, but also in the defensive again and again — and the FCC already used in the initial phase for the early leadership.


Fortress Heisenberg

At the end of the sovereign occurrence was the 4-0 success the eighth zero-zero of the Palatine in the Fritz-Walter Stadium — and with 18: 3 goals the best goal ratio in the home table. The zero behind is important if it stands, you can not lose before. At the front we always make one, two things, Double Topper Hendrik UK explained the importance of the Heisenberg fortress.

But this is not the only thing that the red devil constitutes this season. While the club was declining in the past season just the descent, a team has become a team from the players this season. Here is a growing together, that’s what you see, touched twice the team spirit. His coach also had a name for the new cohesion in the team and environment: Spirit — you need in team sports and that is quite, very important if you want to achieve goals.

Transfer activities possible?

The closest goals of the FCC are clear for sugar: We have a lot of self-confidence, the games are running well. But we have to go on, must not decrease and fully rein how the last games. It should be started with this next weekend in the game against Viktoria Berlin — if the game takes place. But even on the transfer market, according to Antwerp, the FCC seems to pursue a goal: Time to get a bit of fresh blood in a team can not be wrong either.