Sony has recently announced new information about PSV 2, whereby the technical details were revealed. So PlayStation VR 2 gets a 4K HDR OLED display, Eye tracking, completely new controllers and a lot more.

For the specs, it will be interesting so slowly for which price SONY will offer the next headset. That’s why we wanted to know in our survey of you what you are willing to spend the hardware. The survey shows that many of you have a very clear border, the Sony will hopefully not exceed.

Up to 400 euros for PSV 2 would be for most of the reasonable price

The result of our survey shows that you do not want to grab as deep in the pocket, as with other VR headsets:

Overall, there were 5930 votes (as of January 17, 2022). Of this, 36 percent (2122 votes) decided that they want to pay up to 400 euros. On place 2 lands already spoiled. For up to 600 euros (7 percent, 397 votes) or even more than that (4 percent, 232 votes)

So that shows that you would like to have a price that lies in the first PSV system. At that time, the VR headset was offered for almost 400 euros to the launch. However, the camera was still missing, which is imperative, as well as PS Move Controller, which were important to many games. At PSV 2, however, the controllers are supplied next to the headset and there is no reason for an external camera thanks to new tracking technology.

More about PSV 2 and all official info, are here :

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The voices from the community

The price for PSV 2 was also hotly discussed in the comments. So there were some advocates that are clearly under the launch price of the first PSV and otherwise no interest in the extra hardware. So also with Bloodyhoupen:

I would try it a few times if it is evil and dizzy for a maximum of 15 minutes, I would not spend a penny. If the games still look like through a fly screen, I would not spend a cent for it.

If after 2 years on the market is still at most a handful of halfway interesting titles on the market, I would think about it to spend up to 250 euros for it

Somewhat more realistic, the other user looks like Christi OXY and Spielkinden1337, which pronounce prizes between 400 or 500 euros. Above all, 500 euros often came to the comments as a border. For many, the purchase also depends heavily on what to offer Sony games.

Think €500 I would be willing to pay. Everything about it needs good titles to move me. First and foremost, GT7 would have to be compatible in 100% VR. This is generally a must in my eyes.

Maximum 400 – 500 €. Provides there are more than one, two good games that convince me. Half-Life: Alex would definitely be a good start. Gladly even more titles that you have not yet had on the note.

But there are also real VR enthusiasts among our readers, knowing that good hardware is expensive. For someone like Early, prices over the 1000 Euro brand would also be affordable if then the PSV 2 really can be delivered:

The [V] Alive also costs a 1000er. Would be the border for me. Unless it is really extraordinary. Then I would go up to 1,500 euros. But not

It remains to be seen as Sony will decide. If PSV 2 is actually cheaper than many suspects then the door could actually be pushed further into the mainstream. In the end, however, the games decide whether the headset is worthwhile or not. What has been announced so far is available here?

Surprise you the result? Are you looking forward to the next PSV generation?