There are many weapons in it war area , some better than others. Whether you are a storm rifle guy or rather snipers are, it’s definitely something for you. In this list we help you choose the best weapons in War zone in January 2022.

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Best weapons in War zone

As with any popular live service game, weapons go in meta and out. For War zone, buffs and nerfs for weapons come quite regularly with updates to keep things in balance. Let’s get to the best weapons.

For assault rifles, the extremely popular STG44 and the Cooper Carbine are the best choice. Both guns are very versatile and offer great support for attacks on short, medium or long distance. The weapons they should avoid this season are the AK-47 (MW), the Open and the FR 5.56.

As far as LEGS is concerned, the BEEN is one of the, if not the best weapon in the game. Paired with the right attachments, the BEEN is an unstoppable power. The other two impressive Legs, which are easy to use and powerful, are the MG42 and the type 11. Although they may not be the mobile, these guns dominate the middle and long distance meta better than any other gun on this list.

If you want to know what the best SMS are, you are not looking for. By far the best SMS are the PPSH-41 (Vanguard) and the MP-40. While the PPSH-41 is perfect for crushing enemies from proximity, the MP-40 is characterized by short to medium distances. You should avoid the DSP 45 and the Striker 45 this season.

And last but not least the sniper. Your two best options are either the KAR98K (MW) or the Swiss K31. Both snipers have proven that they are at the top, but the KAR98K (MW) has the nose with his focus Perk. The snipers that do not cut off so well are the semi-automatic rifles such as the M82 or the Dragon, as it gives better replacement within assault rifles or even LEGS.

And there you have them, the best weapons in War zone for January 2022. No matter which weapon you choose if you achieve kills, use it. Always remember to have fun independently of the meta.

Call of Duty War zone is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC via