While Bound Carr does not come beyond the status of a replacement player at FC Bayern, the Senegalese is set to the Africa Cup. With strong achievements, the right-back operates there self-promotion – Will the FC Bayern Carr now start again?

A victory and two draws ranged to the Senegal to collect as a group player to the second round of the Africa Cup. Carr stood in all games over the full distance on the square and made aware of strong achievements.

At Twitter, the professional of FC Bayern is even celebrated as a best right outfielder of the continent.

In FC Bayern, SARS’s performance explosion at the Africa Cup is likely to provide relief. Not about because the bosses hope, the 29-year-old finally scheme the breakthrough at the German record champion. Rather, one counts out that potential prospects for the Senegalese call waiting.

Recently, the reigning French master Lillie OSC and Girondins Bordeaux as well as the AS Rome and CFC Genoa were traded. According to Bayern Sarr1, there was even inquiries for Carr, but these were not concrete yet. That could change after the Africa Cup.

Carr is aiming for a Bavaria farewell?


According to the report, Carr himself also pages a farewell from Munich at the latest in the summer. Most recently, the defender had stressed to use the continental tournament as a springboard for another probation chance. The Africa Cup gives me the opportunity to play. I will use this competition to show what I am capable, says Carr confidently to the l’equip.

So far, Carr sat at FC Bayern mostly only on the bench. Only ten times he stood for the Munich on the square. From the beginning he was allowed first in the DFB Cup against the Bremen SV Ran (12: 0). His contract at the Sabine Strafe is still dated until 2024.