The Arsenal fans were seriously besides, and of course, the Liverpool Echo did not want to conceal. We’re Going to Wembley!, The guest block had sung when the Gunners had fought a 0: 0 in the first leg of the Ligapokal semi-final in Anfield. But on Thursday, at shortly before midnight, the House of the Reds was able to announce something else: There is only one team that goes to Wembley.

With a 2-0 away victory, the at that time, the paired at the time, the pairing were still on their side and followed the FC Chelsea into the final. And that’s remarkable from two contrary reasons: because the Liverpool has done so often, but Jürgen Klopp so rare.

Kl opp stands with Liverpool only for the second time in a Wembley final

With the club, which has set up a new record by the 13th final collection in this competition, Kl opp had previously only in its debut season 2015/16 (1: 3 i.e. against Manchester City) once a Wembley final – so in Lisa or Fa -Cup – achieved. That’s too long for a squad with this talent, not only the Guardian finds. In the FA Cup Liverpool was not even in the quarterfinals under Kl opp.

Because he had regularly failed with start-up formations full of youth and spare players, the coach had solidified the impression of not taking the national trophy competitions very seriously. No, that’s not true, Kl opp announced this widespread assumption on Thursday night, referring to the complex mix of strain control, sophisticated opponents, lack of happiness and not always favorable match dates.


I can not just look at the complete squad on the paper and choose an eleven for the game, he explained after a once again difficult game in a difficult time. We have to consider many things. Three days before a Premier League game set up a Premier League team, that will not go.

Kl opp sees a world-class striker in Diego Jot

On Thursday it almost had to go like this: Without the Africa Cup Driver Mohamed Salah, Radio Mane and Navy Data, Kl opp could not experiment inappropriate. Only in the starting finishes for the 17-year-old Aide Gordon and Cup Tor wart Cochin Keller was still recognizable that this was a trophy and no league game.

While Arsenal conceded a place for the third time in the last four appearances (Thomas, yellow-red after resolving, 90.), stabbed usual suspects in the guests: in each case by double packed Diego Iota his goal, Trent Alexander-Arnold his templates Account of the season to 14.

At the decisive 2-0 (77.), when Diego Iota accepted a wide ball with the chest and coached Keeper Aaron Rams dale, have probably not many people in the stadium – Trent already, says Kl opp and attested his double organs that He has developed in one and a half years with the Reds to a real world-class striker. He is incredibly important to us.

Previously, Diego Iota belonged to the Liverpool who played at the cup from the beginning, he is currently holding Liverpool’s season on course. And yet that’s good news: when Liverpool plays the first ligapokal title since 2012 on February 27, the Africa Cup is over.