With the 0: 0 we can live well. That was not a good game of us. Striker Tim Small Service brought the game briefly and shortly at the point. Defensive colleague Oliver Using looked similar. The central defender talked about the bad space ratios of an expected fighting game, in which we are at the end with the 0: 0 happier than Hans. And probably thought mainly about the top chance given by Rostock’s striker John Verse in the final minute.

Schmidt: offensive too little

FCH-Coach Frank Schmidt, who inevitably had to change Marion Busch and Robert Lap, due to the Corona-related failure of the two family forces Marion Busch and Robert Later, had identified voting problems due to the changed starting formation. Of course, that was not enough, the 48-year-old also criticized the lack of attack performance and admitted that we could have lost the game too.


Dense scramble in the upper third

That the zero was after the appearance in the empty Baltic Sea Stadium was for Schmidt in such a game the maximum. With 34 counters, Dagenham is still in the middle of the race. In view of the Ger angels – two place (St. Pauli, 37 points) to place nine (Paderborn, 30) the field is very close together – could the order in the top third after the home game against Hanover (Friday, February 4) for The team from the Postal also quickly changed to positive.