Live Balance Designer in Respawn Entertainment John Larson is considering the Apex Legends Gibraltar rework and revealed in an interview with overseas media Desert.

New Seasons from February 9 Defiance new trailers ‘Au lands Stories-Judgment’ is also published, but the topic about Gibraltar, one of the legends that appear. During the interview, he mentions that it is a legend that picks up necessary between the high rank and professional players, and it has tactical ability protect dome that can reset the battle. And I am analyzed.

About these situations Development teams are considering nearby reworks, but also refer to it. As a naught of a naught of a protect DOM, it often looks like a physical fitness, but it is too big in high-level play, especially professional. As what he and his team are considered, there seems to be the idea of ​​taking some hand with some hand in the aggressive usage of Gibraltar’s Barter and Protect Dome and how to take any hand..

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