Em Games (Representative Won Leon) announced on the 26th that the online game of its online game, ‘Knight Online’, ‘Knight Online’, ‘Night Online’, ‘Hero Online’.

Comic Mo thermal MMORPG (Multi-level role play games) ‘Humane Gang ho Online’ will conduct New Year’s event until February 9, from today. During the period, we will open the event map ‘Sea and Moon’ that paid an abundance of experience and convulsions, and when hunting in all games, attack power, defense, and vitality to raise the victims of victims. Another 3-hour access is confirmed to the NPC of the warship to the NPC, and the NPC shop is available in the NPC store, and in the NPC store, various items that commemorate the snow, such as rice cake, the mask, and the bathroom, are sold. If you pass the old money to the Adult NPC, you will be able to pass the monster to the NPC, the buff will be applied, and from January 31, the holiday holidays, experience and buffs are paid until February 2.

With the National Interest, Orthodox MMORPG ‘Knight Online’, you can enjoy a fierce battle from ‘Oakland’ until February 15th. If you kill the ‘Rae mun’s Seconds’, which appears twice a day in the ‘Oakland’ pioneer, all users around the surrounding can be obtained by all users. If you succeed in the escort of the ‘Material Merchant’ that appears at intervals of 2 hours, the attack power + 5% buff will be paid for 30 minutes for all friendly countries. If you kill a giant top outside the Island during the same period, you can get additional gold coins, potions, and free buff vouchers, and you will receive the quest for the ‘Magpie Mom’ in Mo radon, If you take to Magpie Mom ‘, you can obtain a guarding ornament or a monster transformation order.

You can steal the rice cake paid ingredients and kill the monsters, and you can get a quest compensation item, and you can get a quest compensation item, and you can buy a variety of ‘firecrackers’ items to the Was Branch. Here we present a night mouse and Dark Knight equipment box through lottery for payment users during the event period.

MMORPG ‘Hero Online’ is an automatic paid a celebration box row of cavity, which is a new year, In addition, it is possible to process equipment item rental and permanent equipment with a slip that will kill and acquire monsters in the event period. Finally, a variety of ability rising buff items can be used as a material obtained for that period.