Resident Evil 3 Remake All Charlie Doll Locations

Here’s how to find the elusive loose heads and can unlock some fantastic weapons.

The Mr. Charlie Dolls return lately back Resident Evil 3 remake. This mysterious loose heads are located throughout the game and require some careful exploration. How To Find All 20 of them?

For more information, see the video tutorial below. Note, however, that in almost all major areas one will be present. Some locations, such as the second floor of NEST 2, Sewers and the first and second floor of the Raccoon City Hospital each have two Mr. Charlie Dolls. Take your time and you should find any.

To unlock infinite ammunition Weapons

To collect a good reason, all Mr. Charlie Dolls, next to the receipt of a payment / trophy, the 1000 points that can be spent in the points store. The shop is opened only after the conclusion of the game and is a source for unlocking weapons with infinite ammo.

The question weapons along with their required points as follows:

  • MUP gun – Requires 8000 points. Good accuracy and holds 16 rounds in the magazine.
  • Maiden – Requires 12,000 points. Energy weapon that inflicts vulnerability strong damage.
  • CQBR assault rifle – Requires 28400 points. An assault rifle, the 5.56 × 45 mm cartridge firing without adversely affecting the moving speed.
  • Rocket launcher – Requires 62,400 points. Can penetrate for exceptional loss goals.

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