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Elden Ring: How to stop the white steps on the beach

_ ELDENRING _ has a large selection of secrets that you can enjoy happy through the countries and find in the experience. Between the fighting against bosses you can try to uncover one of the many great secrets of the game. Regardless of whether you have two hands in your hand or not, you will definitely unleash the true power on your enemies on your hunt for these secrets. Such a mystery that the players have wondered are the White FootsTeps on the Beach in eldenring. This editorial informs you about what they are and how they can hold them around on the banks of the area.

Where can I find the white traces in Elden Ring?

How To Stop The White Sand Beetle In Elden Ring

To find the white tracks, you have to go to the “coastal caves”, where the sea beats quietly against the rocks. You then have to go to the beach and you will find this near the Western grace “The First Step”.

When they are on the beach, their eyes are attracted to the blinding white lights, which are clearly visible on the beach. When you approach you, make a sound and start to run away / go from you. The sound varies depending on how far they are from the steps away. There are a few white lights in the area and each of them refers to the steps.

How to stop white steps on the beach in Elden Ring

To stop the white steps, you must meet them with their chosen weapon. Of course, maybe ask yourself why you beat your open, but there is actually an invisible enemy that is killed with a single beat of your weapon. To catch the steps, you have to be in front of you when you race on you, and then turn the blow from there.

As soon as they have eliminated the enemy, the lights go out and they get an “Ash of War”, which is a sweep capability for their character, which is a “heavy affinity” they can access now. It can be added axes, hammering and swords at each grace location of your choice.

Remarkably, the hidden creature is a “Teardrop Scarab” and you resemble in many ways the “Crystal Lizards” from the Dunkle Seelen Franchise. There are many of the scarabs to find and they drop items that can pick up their character, and generally reward them that they can reach and eliminate them. The beach is definitely an unexpected encounter. So if you know how to get there and what you are rewarded, it will be ensured that your journey is worthwhile through the area to the beach where the Skarab is located.

_ ELDENRING _ is now available for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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Pirate Multiplayer Match Action “PLUNDER PANIC” Free distribution at STeam. Distribution starts whether the number of players can grow

Developer’s Will Winn Games Works Multiplayer‘s Action Games “ PLUNDER PANIC ” is currently being distributed free of charge at PC (STeam). The period is until 3:00 on March 1. If you add it to the library during the period, we will continue to hold even after the end of the distribution period.

“PLUNDER PANIC” is an action game that corresponds to a local online match with up to 12 people. It is also possible to mix and play the CPU. Players are pirates and divide into two camps. Both sides of the stage have pirate ships of each side, and there is a land where there is a scaffold in the center. There is a victory where the victory conditions were filled first.

There are multiple victory conditions, one to take a treasure. Aim to bring the treasures present on the central island to the treasure chest of the pirate ship or to collect all the enemy pirate ships. It can also be won by defeating the captain of the enemy camp. The remaining life is set for the captain, and the camp that can not be revived is defeated.

Alternatively, it is also necessary to carry a gun and load it on a cannon on the island, and sink the enemy pirate ship. 3 It will be sinking and sinking, but it is possible to prevent firing if the fever is turned off and after fire is turned off. And the other victory condition is to use a small boat floating in front of the screen, and carry a gunproof on an enemy pirate ship. In any of the methods, both attack and defense are essential to the association.

It is also possible to obtain convenient items in the stage. For example, carry a lot of treasures at once, but the moving speed falls, or a gull feathers that can fly only for 10 seconds. Also, each character shall be a base weapon, but guns and flame bottles can also be obtained. In addition, there seems to be dangerous items that affect the stage environment.

This work has started early access in September 2021, and development is still continued. It is a plan to add new weapons, items, stages, game modes, etc. during the foregoing releases. Also mentioned is the introduction of rank matches and E-sports game modes.

Looking at the user reviews of this work, it is now “very popular” at the moment, but it can be seen that the difficult situation continued from the transition of the number of simultaneous connection players. After starting early access delivery, the number of simultaneous connection players may be two digits, and it has been a single digit (STEAMDB). Although it corresponds to solo and local play, it does not sort as a work that sells multiplayers.

This free distribution will be a matter of hard to break these situations. Fortunately, that was successful and temporarily increases the number of simultaneous connectivity players to 600 people. After that, I keep around 200 people. However, it is interesting to be more reliable, but in the future how to develop and keep the player and will be more involved.

“PLUNDER PANIC” is being distributed free of charge until 3:00 on March 1, PC (STeam). As soon as it is ended, let’s get it now.

Adhere to here live the Pokemon Presents with all the news of Pokemon

It will have a period of 14 minutes SE They get to 26 years of a legend that has actually managed to go across the borders of videogames, becoming an icon of popular culture and to celebrate it, The Pokémon Business * * It brings us a brand-new Pokémon Provides , that particular variation of the “Nintendo Direct” where the company offers us News of the Legend **.

The occasion will certainly start at 3:00 p.m., Peninsular Spanish Arrange. The occasion will certainly begin at 15: 00 (peninsular Spanish hours), 08:00 (CDMX routine) and will certainly have a period of * * 14 mins *.

The Pokémon Amateurs We having fun in which we can not claim that there are no propositions for the franchise. With the recent Remakes Pokémon Bright diamond as well as beaming pearl or the ambitious adventure of Pokémon tales: Arceus. The Nintendo hybrid has actually likewise gotten franchise business titles such as Pokémon Mysterious World: Rescate DX or New Pokémon Snap, as well as entrance propositions such as Pokémon Let’s Go.

As long as you consist of the delay, keep in mind that in 3D video games you have readily available the evaluation of Pokémon tales: Arceus, where we talk about greater dive that has actually given the major legend in almost three years . The biggest game of Video game Fanatic to day, where the research study appears to have corked the fans, a necessary title for any type of Pokémon fan.

Location of all golden chests of regions in the world of Thrones Savatun – Destiny 2

In the world of the throne of Savatun players can find several gold chests in the region. In this manual, we will look at all the places where you can find the chests with the golden region in Destiny 2.

Nevertheless, finding these chests with the golden region is very simple, as everything you need to do is go to the region’s chest icon on the map. In the area around the icon you will need to search until you find the hidden chest.

Usually these chests are quite simple to find, if you look good, but sometimes their search can lead to confusion. Fortunately, we have all the places where you can find the chests below.

All locations of golden chests of the Quagmir region in the world of the Throne of Savatun – Destiny 2

The first chest, which you can find in the quagger can be found in the place below.

In the location above you will need to find a small building with a cliff nearby. Jumping on the cliff, and then on the roof of the building, you can find the first golden chest, as shown below.

The next golden chest can be found in the place indicated below.

In this place you will need to jump onto the balcony, and then on a long track. Closer to the end of the passage you will find a smaller balcony below, and at this lowest balcony you will find the second chest of the golden region.

Moving on, the third chest can be found on the rock in the place shown below.

All locations of golden chests of the Miasm region in the world of throne Savatun – Destiny 2

The first chest with the golden region in the Miazma region can be found in the place shown below.

The chest of the second gold region can be found in the place shown below, inside the cave.

To find the last chest of the Golden Region in Miazme, you will need to find the place shown below.

To get to the last chest in Miazme, you will need to jump and climb the broken tower in the place shown above.

All chests of the golden region of the blooming canal in the world of throne Savatun – Destiny 2

The first chest, which you can find in the region of the Blooming Channel in Destiny 2, can be found in the place shown below.

To get to the first chest, you will need to jump to the next building, and then make a triple jump on the building shown above. In the back of this building you will find the chest shown below.

The following quest in the flowering channel can be found in the location shown in the image below.

To get to the chest, you need to jump onto the platform shown above. In the room on the platform you will find a chest.


To find the last chest, you will need to search in the area shown below where it can be found beyond the wall.

To learn more about Destiny, we will tell you in Pro Game Guides.

Editors: Beyond the creation of Internet content

The trade of being _streamer _ has always been a job that a lot of people would want to have . Play or talk about what you want, maintain a community that supports you or meet other personalities of the platform are things that a lot of people would want to have. However, when we talk about these content creators, there is practically a moment to think that maybe that person is not the one that carries all the work. **

A very important office that has spoken little from within is that of Editor or Editora , a job that despite moving a huge number of people, very few know their faces or their names. That is why we wanted to chat with several publishers of today, both veterans and newcomers, to talk about what it means to be an editor and everything that involves: remuneration, visibility and mental health, among many other things.

Some united beginnings for fun and dedication

The beginnings have been very divided ; The publishers with which we speak yes they studied something related to the audiovisual world: Monica (@ la0ddi) studied audiovisual communication after years editing on his own, as well as Helena (@iamhelenuki) who was very influenced for the gameplays on YouTube, just like ISA (@awitadeldemonyo), who loved stumbling in Vine with her friends: “I started editing with a low budget tablet with a computer-like keyboard; from There, all I have studied has been related to the audiovisual world – Baccalaureate of Arts and an FP image and sound – “

On the other hand, editors who have been further away from this type of studies even though they are equally good than publishers: David (@dekawho) studied sound for audiovisuals and shows before entering the edition, as long as Year and combining it with the race. ” Gabriel (@zgm_edits) is another publisher that worked as a laboratory technician before working fully in the edition, and Fran (@streamfran) that has been in this world since 2012 that he learned everything related to the YouTube world through the Internet and hard work.

All of them were united in something: passion and unconditional love for a world that had just been born as it is the creation of online content. David was a follower of Chusa who admired his work and Gabriel was a forofo of Knekro and Alexelcapo, as well as the love they have Dani and Monica for the work of Iillo on Twitch. Almost all of them would end up working for these creators as a result of making content around them, as Gabriel says: “One day for another I saw Knekro sought editor, I went to the mail and I saw a message of his. From there I started To work on this, I think it was luck above all. “

a way of working chaotic but structured

The way to work is similar but at the same time very different in each of these editors , Gabriel and David have a support in their colleagues who appreciate throughout the whole talk (Dalembert and Eme respectively): “Before We did around a video per week and as Chusa has been professionalizing the rhythm has risen enough, “says David about his way of working. Also highlight the relationship between Gabriel and Knekro about the videos: “Trust as much in us that we do not even have feedback, because he knows how well he is done.”

Isa however, it is a little more chaotic but very effective in the work of her: “Since you tell me, I usually give you a one-day time, because I organize myself very badly”; She comments between laughter. “When I had to edit for 5 or 6 people in a week, I established the days when each person climbed the videos and requested the material at least four or five days in advance”. Others who prefer to work in rough is Helena, who even like to give color herself, and Dani, which collects the entire Twitch video to edit them afterwards: “ I always try to put very precise cuts so that the video comes out dynamic And do not bore the viewer. “

Fran for its part comments that the videos of League of Legends are the easiest to edit, although part of this often depends on the person with whom you are working and your charism: “ Edit Auron is the easiest of world because it has so much presence and character that it is not necessary to stretch “. Monica for the part of her collects IBAI clips but tries to see the entire direct: “I always see the full part to make sure that this clip is understood and there is no need for context.”

Tiktok, a totally new and random world

Tiktok is the emerging social network that has come to stay. All publishers who have done something for this platform agree that it is a point of content extremely fast and with a lot of information in a very short time . While monetization is absurdly low, the visibility that gives the streamers and youtubers is huge. Monica was born as a result of this social network, although she confesses that at first she did not like it: “I did Tik Tok despite hating him and started uploading the videos there thanks to the fast format he had.”

The tiktok algorithm according to the editor itself is something that does not even understand: “I have a theory that is that use the strip a lot and loosen ; If a week you have 5 viral videos, the following week you are not going to Having n1. It always gives you that touch of virality that encourages you to keep uploading videos without stopping. In my case, a video can have up to 20 million reproductions and just the next day have a video with only 200 thousand. It makes any sense by seeing the number of followers it has. “

Monica explains that the platform takes into account the interactions of the video in question: “For example, if a follower sees the entire video, you will move a lot more people than if you do not see it complete. I always try to see the moments in which people See more the Tik Tok to upload the videos and seeing that there is a lot of late The feed. It is something very strange and with little sense “.

Remuneration, a delicate but necessary topic to improve the guild

As for economic issues, there is a clear thing: publishers charge normal enough less than what is expected. ISA commented a particular case next to a foreign youtuber : “I always say it and I am very sincere, I do not charge less than 100 euros for a Youtube video (…) The problem is that people It takes many trusts and many do not know how we work; if I have 8-9 people that I have to take videos every week, I can not wait for them to give me the material today, and have the video tomorrow. “

After insisting, she did not give her time because she gave him a too short margin, she changed completely of attitude and be much colder. But apparently it is not the only one that is like that: “ The YouTube elite, besides paying you 11 euros, make you not even talk to him or she , they say that you send you the videos and ask you for this day ; They are very cold . I have also worked with people who are colleagues and in that sense well, but the elite of Andorra… “

On the other hand, Fran is sharp: You can not live with just one client: “I need to be working with several clients and there are months that I throw away many hours a day working; and that to collect a salary a little more than Decent (3 thousand euros gross), but we are talking about 7 days a week and 10-12 hours a day (…) yes, which is money but it is not the host when you make the accounts of how much you have had to work, And then to this how it appears the VAT, the IRPF, the manager, the quota of autonomous, etc… you have to look for a balance between your personal life expenses and what you are really offering as quality “.

In addition, they have been able to count different people with whom we have spoken: “I know of some other case of people who have been editing for YouTubers for only 17 euros,” says Dani about the clip above Javi Oliveira and UTBH, although He has also seen that many influencers take advantage of the people of Latin America to pay them less : “I have seen even people who have paid Latin Americans with only a video euro ** because the currency exchange is abysmal”, Ensures Isa.

Xokas and the controversy with their editor

The Xokas commented recently less than a month about the salary of the editor of him (REDZ), something that burned the networks for good and for evil. Dani comments: “I have read some reviews in the comments of the video saying that you should pay more pasta to the publisher and even 50% of the income of the channel and I can agree but if Xokas charges for example 15 thousand from the channel of YouTube, how do you justify those 7 thousand five hundred euros? (…) You have to have your feet on the earth and what I want to get is, * How many people would give for the salary of some publishers (I include)? * Because in my surroundings there are people having a bad time and others who have their salary, but from there to have a good salary… ”

Isa on the other hand, it is quite sharp in this matter: “It is seen that it works with a base salary and then incentives on how well the channel has gone in certain percentages; I think that is a crack sincerely, because what you are doing the publisher is that you are focused all the time watching the stream and attentive to what you can do for a video , and as more good content has, that is going to make you pay more. is super ruin; You are giving you An incentive because the kid is ‘curing’ when it is actually doing his job. “

Fran knows that we are a new generation and believes that it needs to evolve as to salaries: “They are no longer the fifty that they do not want to increase the SMI, we are talking about young people who are supposed to have experienced what it is to charge 1200 euros and they know that it is a shit , people who have also experienced what is to charge 100 thousand euros a month and know that it is the host and that can give a good salary to the person who works with him, I do not tell you that half, but a decent minimum with what you do not have to worry about knowing if you arrive at the end of the month. “

ESPORTS, a world that does not seem to be the best for publishers

Helena has worked for different ESPORS teams such as G2 Arctic or Mad Lions and its comments about this industry in relation to publishers is very forceful: “ Except with Riot and LEC in addition to Koi, all those who We work in the world of the ESPORTS we charge a fucking shit “. According to us, many of his companions can barely sleep because they are so plentiful that they need to work enough to survive: “People who have large positions do not charge more than a thousand euros. Except Riot, others throw you at the very low as a budget “.

Regarding the ** terms, many times they do not make sense He did not get up to three or four weeks later. ” And it is not an isolated case, a partner had the same problem with Gamergy: “Since on Sunday it ended until Tuesday was without sleeping to make the video; for today the video has not yet been uploaded.”

“Normally take about one or two months to collect . The managing that carry all the accounts have no idea how ESPORTS work. You can be charging a barbarity, but if you take six months to come.. How Do you live until that moment? “Helena says.

work more than you think

Something that stands out in many of the editors is the enormous number of hours working in a single video. However, David is one of the few that has stipulated everything and works what he needs: “ Chusa and I agreed 30 hours per week and is the time I work for him.” ODDI, for example, with the contract of it also has it moderately controlled but has a fairly disparate schedule: “One day I can edit at two in the afternoon than another at five o’clock in the morning”.

On the other hand we have for example Dani, who he confesses that he works more: “It’s not something that I tell me alone, but Juan tells me many times (…) * There must be a balance * , but it is true that I decant to currave more videos; although I am also learning little by little not over-edit. “

ISA commented a failure that many of the editors had in terms of a long time doing a video: “ As you like so much, you lose a lot of time to find specific resources for two seconds of a 10 minute video for example. A point is coming that is not profitable and that if you want to live on it you have to go to what you have to go or leave these resources prepared before. “

How Editors Know if Your Writing Is Good

Visibility, something that divides the editors

Visibility in publishers is something that many people who work in this guild see totally necessary: ​​ “The people who have participated to make possible a video has to appear in the credits as it happens in any audiovisual work” Affirms David. Monica also agrees with this trend and, like Dani, greatly appreciates that Juan’s community realize an excellent job in the channel: “There are many comments of recognition to the publisher and it is something that in many channels does not notice so much” Dani says. Helena by the part of her is very agreed with this type of initiative: “No one talks about who is in the videos of Grefg or the Rubius; * No one talks about who swallows 80 hours per week to get new content *

But on the other hand it is isa opinion, which maybe many do not agree but it is a very sensible point of view **; Visibility is fine, but nobody is better than another because it is the editor of X person: “You will not be better for being the editor of the Xokas, illo or Ibai. You are like a small editor of a humble channel that has 100 viewers on youtube There, things like are “.

To this, Fran also follows the trend of what Isa says: “ Visibility always comes well, but it can not be the only incentive to work with someone . Although it is true that it is a plus for everything that involves that people know you. Having a hearing (by little one that is) and certain possibilities of contact with other people in the sector that needs editor for x season comes well to continue increasing your portfolio and gives you some freedom to be able to continue to be undertaken in Other fields “.

The woman in the world of edition

For this report I wanted to chat with several girls to know her experience in the world of edition to know her experience and her position as a woman; ISA comments that “it is true that it is already an intrinsic fear of being a woman the great change between which me will contact me male streamers and female streamers. When a woman spoke to me to make me very much illusion (… ) ODDI is one of those who had more illusion because of work is where it is now . That there is that female representation for people so great is cool (…) Anyone regardless of its kind can edit to the best”.

Unfortunately, there are still remains of machismo: “It is true that many Streamers and YouTubers have taken some trust that do not exist and have tried to take advantage of my . It’s worth assessing my work, but do you need to talk to me to The one thirty in the morning asking me how I am? I do not need “; Comment Isa. Monica On the other hand talks about the problems she has had on her own Tik Tok of her: “Yes I’ve seen enough comments from people saying ‘How do you notice that this video has edited a woman'”

“They came to send me private messages and even find my Instagram to talk to me and tell me things about the bat ‘you are pretty cute and edits’; what has to do with that I edit? I do not edit for you to come and tell me that I am a wonderful ; I think people do not know how to establish limits and do not know how to differentiate between one thing and another, I even came to me similar to what I have commented before and I told myself, or you are very bored or you are Truly bad of the head. I have not seen that kind of comments in kids editing , “Monica concluded.

Helena On the other hand, she told that she has been forced more than the account because by the fact of being a woman she has to give 200% so that she is recognized: “ I have come to say that I should be grateful for having given me a job because I am a woman; the day they told me that was the day that I felt with myself in my life ; so that I’m going to be struggling if at the end you’re going to say this fucking shit. An example that she put was Karina, from G2 Esports: “You have to show a lot in the sector to give you visibility; if you do not reach that level you are one more.”

The importance of mental health among publishers

One of the themes she wanted to treat among the editors was her mental health being so long in front of the computer and not think of anything else to work. ISA comments that the editor’s trade is very overwhelming, since you have to be active always and very slope of the mobile phone: “That, which is true that it is a job that is ok and I am happy because I can work as And when you want, but it is true that at the mental health level is cargo “.

Helena commented that it was very bad working, since she gave the most and the response she had of the companies was null: “There is a person who worked with me and fell into depression because he passed him exactly the same as to me (…) and at the long voude, I charge a lot of money at the end of the month but I still see that my work is not valued (…) or this is regulated or people start to give value to what we do. “

Gabriel, For his part, commented something quite interesting and that helps a lot to clear how it is have a circle of friends alien to all internet : “I was working in a laboratory for 6 months and social interaction with social The other colleagues do not have it in this type of job, because you are from Monday to Friday locked in your house without seeing any1. It is hard at a mental level, but it is just as hard than being streamer because you do not leave your house. ”

Monica , following toxic comments I thought that your work was not worth at all when it was really the opposite: “They have often been those who have said ‘only letters’ or’ that’s super easy just Edit ‘, and I have come to think that maybe what they said was true; I still stop editing because to receive this kind of comments I prefer not to do anything (…) the important thing is that you are clear that you are not that They say (…) that just John gives me a Like on Twitter motivates me and is a sign that I am doing things well “.

David , on the one hand, was infected by Covid and for fear that the work was accumulated continued to edit: “I had nothing else to do, and although I was tired I was encouraged to do it for Evade me (…) after all, you are autonomous and as you do not take that ahead do not charge. ” Fran also has that fear of Twitch and YouTube volatility: “To me what worries me is to know how long I will be able to live on edit, because When the bread of the upstairs is touched, automatically The bread of the below is touched , there is more to see changes in subscription prices or the possibility that Prime will disappear from Twitch. “

The future of publishers

Finally, I wanted to know that they expected the editors of the future of all this industry , and to tell the truth there is a lot of division. On the one hand we have people like Monica, David, Isa, Gabriel and Dani, if they see a good future in this work: “In Spain it is something totally new, but little by little the more tops streamers will have video managers, editors, moderators, etc… It takes a lot of pasta, but in the long run they will end up professionally.

On the other hand Helena wanted to emphasize everything in the human value rather than in the economic , since with a feedback full of respect and giving value to everything that is to be editor, people will work better. Fran wanted to emphasize that publishers should evolve and not only be Streamers and YouTubers workers but there is expand all over the audiovisual world, explore all possibilities and exploit them as much as possible.

DYING LIGHT 2 – how to find a hoverboard and perform a secret Parkur Test

Dying Light 2 EASTER EGG Hoverboard YOU CAN RIDE! Easter Egg Location & Walkthrough
Like most video games with an open world, Dying Light 2 is proud to hide one or two Easter eggs so that the players can find them and enjoy. One of these, of course, is Hoverboard type of vehicle, which also comes with mini-game and Gold medal in order to just learn to ride it. Get to him, however, not quite a walk in the park. Unfortunately, this is associated with several long-term tests.

how to find a hoverboard

  • Unlock the Central Loop region by performing the main story quest. Come on Waltz .
  • Go to Church of the Holy Apostle Foma on the island of St. Paul.
  • Enter the church and access the bottom of the temple. South Bell Tower .
  • Take a cable Find in an electrical box, and then use forests to climb upstairs.
  • Opposite the Military Aerodrome, Attach the cable to the wall box.
  • Climb to the bell tower Using yellow protrusions and pole outside the room.
  • Enter the room from the radio and to interact with it . Wait for the end of the conversation, after which the first hoverboard will appear to the left of you.
  • Taking a hoverboard, you will need to use your exitful flair To track down two other hoverboard. Both are around dirty lands Square.
  • Use your worst flavor to find the latest hoverboard in Blue car trunk . Taking it, you will start the Parkur Test on the Hoverboard.

How to get a secret parkour

Unfortunately, learn to ride a hoverboard – not the simplest thing in the world, and you will need several training races before it becomes the second nature. The most unpleasant here, of course, is that you can not use the hoverboard outside Parkura What does that mean you will need to make all your energy to go through the course.

The task consists of 23 of the circle , all of which must be entered during a certain time to task. To win gold, you need pass the course for 1: 10 . For silver is 1:30, and for bronze – 2:30. Be sure to make a few moves to hone your skills before going for gold.

You can find more news and guides on Dying Light 2 right here in Pro Game Guides.

Explanation of waiting times, capacity and unavailable servers of Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Destination 2: Queen Witch It was launched today and, as it is tradition at this time, there are many mistakes and problems to enter the game. The most common so far are servers to capacity and unavailable server errors . This is what is happening and what you can do for now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Witch Queen time servers in capacity error

Then, if you receive this error, you are connecting to the servers, but it is essentially in a queue waiting for entering. This is a practice that is quite common in the MMOs, especially at times of a lot of stress and load on the servers, as the day a new expansion comes out and everyone attempts at the same time.

For this, all you can do is to wait for the waiting time and, finally, will connect to Destiny 2: Witch Queen once there is room for you.

Destiny 2 servers not available

For this mistake, you are a little more in the whim of Bungie fixing something. This means exactly how it sounds that it can not connect to the servers.

This can be confusing because at the time of writing this article, the servers are active, but can not connect to them at this time if you receive that error.

Do not worry; It is not only you, many people have this error probably due to the same problem as the previous one: everyone attempts to log in at the same time and is stressing Destiny 2 servers.

Discard the message, try again and… again until it enters. If you get bored about this, you can close the game and try again later.

The best place to track what happens on all platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC is to go to Bungie’s Help Twitter, where they are quite active to provide updates to players at times like these. At the time of writing this article, they are aware of the problems and are working to solve them.

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The French top Club Paris Saint-Germain has studied BVB-Star Erling Haaland’s poker for the nearest stage and Spanish media received direct contact with the warehouse of the Norwegian. The reason for contact should be a shift in negotiations.

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Which club in the fight for the signature of Erling Haaland has the best cards, only know the Norwegian itself and its appendix to father Alf-Inge and consultant Mino Raiola. Also for this reason, numerous clubs still have not given up the fight for the striker. Many still expect realistic opportunities. Paris Saint-Germain is one of these clubs.

The Catalan newspaper “Haaland” now reports on contacting the PSG managers to the staff of Erling Haaland. In the talks, the Parisians should have asked to wait “a few weeks” with the negotiations. The reason: Only in these couple weeks – the speech is from mid-March – will decide what happens to Kylian Mbappé.

If Mbappé leaves the Parisians and moves to Real Madrid as expected, PSG urgently needs a well-known successor. Erling Haaland would be in the eyes of Club Chef Nasser Al-Khelaifi the perfect and probably the only candidate.

PSG threatens super-Gau near Haaland cancellation

Should Haaland decide early for another club, PSG at the end threatens not only without the Norwegian, but also without mbappé. Should Mbappé switch and change and Haaland still be available, the Parisians want to top every offer, according to “Haaland”, which lies the still-Dortmund to date on the table to prevent this super-Gau.

That the Frenchman Haaland will present a very convincing salary package, is out of the question. “Haaland” writes that the great concern of the Parisian is another one – namely the question of whether Haaland can ever imagine to change to Ligue 1.

If you believe previous media reports, this is not the case. There it always said that the Norwegian would prefer to play in Spain, but can also change a change to England. France does not matter in its planning.

Minecraft Deep Dark Biom explains: blocks, mobs and structures

Minecraft player The Java Edition of Minecraft receive a first impression of what the new wild update has to offer. With many new objects to collect and places to explore it can be overwhelming for long players in the series, trying to get used to everything New in the Minecraft Wild Updates deep-dark biom . You are not sure what is included in the new update? We give you cover. Here is everything you need to know about the Deep Dark BioM in Minecraft.

Every new block, mob and each new structure in Deep Dark Biome of Minecraft

Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot - Part 2!

The Wild Update for Minecraft 1.19 will add its latest terrible mob, the Warden, in Deep Dark-BioM. The Warden was originally published with the Caves and Cliffs update, but Mojang delayed the MOB to create space for this latest extension. Because of how fast The Warden comes in and how strong he is, The Warden has become the Warden one of the most terrible mobs throughout Minecraft with this latest update.

Sculk blocks and their use explained

The new Deep Dark BIOME in the Minecraft 1.19 update will have a new block type called Sculk blocks , a variety of blocks with mysterious properties. There are four types of sculk blocks:

  • SCREK – These blocks are normal decorative blocks available in Deep Dark Biom. Players can reduce these blocks to win XP points
  • Sculk sensor – These blocks can detect and enable each sound. This can also trigger the Sculk Shrieker Block and Help The Overseer Find Players
  • Sculk screech – These blocks are activated by Sculk sensors and activated A scream and darken the player darkening
  • Sculk catalyst – This block turns every block into a sculk when each mob dies in your area . It creates a patch of sculk blocks, where a mob dies

Antique cities explained

All these items can be found in the ancient cities that lie deep underground. Ancient City Structures Spaws in Deep Dark BioM . In Ancient Cities, players can find chests guarded by Sculk sensors and writing. In these chests, players can find the new Swift sneaking enchantment What helps you to get past the Warden by increasing your speed while you duck.

In the ancient city there is a new block called Reinforced Deepslate. Reinforced depth slate can only be found in antique cities in survival mode. Last, There can be no mobs spawn in antique cities.

A new MOB effect applies only to The Warden and The Sculk Shrieker is called Darkness . This effect lowers the gamma or brightness of a player to an equivalent to “Moody”. Be sure have a lot of torches to illuminate the area around them when they are affected by darkness.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

  • This article was updated on 21 February 2022

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Nintendo is negative for third party development? Overseas Studio CEO talks about past exchange with Nintendo

Big Nintendo Switch + 3DS eShop Sales Revealed And Xbox Games For January Leak Early | News Wave
The other day, the Nintendo E-Shop service for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will be announced to be terminated in late March 2002. Nintendo Switch Online has a service that you can play with Nintendo64, but still miss this machine and the title that makes it difficult to get in the future is still a lot.

The response to the tweets of overseas fans who lamented such a situation is Stephen Kick, a NightDive Studios CEO. The company is currently developing a remake version “System SHOCK” and is also for overseas in the past, but is a powerful studio involved in “Shadow Man: Remastered”.

Kick has discussed “ Nintendo for several remasers in the past, but they are reluctant to be in charge of development. ” I commented. Actually, “Shadow Man: Remastered”, which was originally a title of the title, which was originally released in 1999 Nintendo64, saying that the story did not progress.

You may be difficult to use all titles, but you can not help but hope that users can play past works.

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