Shifts are part of the Gran-Turismo series like the huge Ingame fleet. Actually, Gran Turismo 7 should be a launch title of the PlayStation 5, but already quite early for the developer team of Polyphony Digital, this date will not be observed.

However, it is no longer a long time to the current release date. Already on 04 March 2022, the racing simulation should appear exclusively for the Sony consoles.

During a two-hour preview events, we had the opportunity to make a first impression on the scope and gameplay, ask the Gran-Turismo-creator questions and enjoy the graphic splendor of the racing game.

Only even to the steering wheel we were unfortunately not allowed. We would like to tell you how we assess the return to the roots of the series shortly before the release.

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Gran Turismo 7: The Final Preview
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A big comeback

The developers call Gran Turismo 7 “The Car Life Simulator”. In a huge sandbox, many more things can be made in addition to racing against the Ki or online against human opponents. Among other things, the GT7 Cafe is available in which we collect cars and get to know more about the culture behind the brands.

In the showcase we share our coatings, photos, repetitions and much more with other hobby racers of the community. With the music rally, a game mode is also available to us in which we strike a relaxed pace and chilly turn our laps to the sound of music. When passing checkpoints, we always fill up our beat points to continue enjoying the chic environment in the car of our choice.

According to Gran-Turismo Creator Kazunori Yamuchi, GT7 is said to represent the 25th anniversary of the series. The goal during development was to develop a game for the great mass. Whether hardcore fan or new beginner, everyone should find his fun with the simulation.

Giant fleet

At the beginning of the game, if the ruble is not in abundance, the well-known used car dealer is our contact point number 1. These vehicles are not baptismal, but significantly cheaper than a new car. We will get that in the brand headquarters. There are cars for sale, which went to production from 2001.

Last but not least, there is the dealer about which we acquire historically significant and legendary cars. These companions are sometimes over 100 years old or winner of a well-known race. From the cute VW Beetle to the classic Ferrari Testarossa to prototypes that dominate the 24-hour competitions in Le Mans or Daytona in the true life, there is something for all car crazy.

We still do without, we must on a damage model. Of course that’s a pity, since a racing game simulation is rather unworthy. The debt is not the developer or publisher, but rather the auto industry. Finally, most manufacturers do not want to see their vehicles in a damaged state over the virtual asphalt boards and block a good implementation for years. Of course, the immersion affects this fact neatly.

stretch around the globe

In addition to the large number of vehicles, there is also a wide selection of racetracks. Over 34 places and over 90 layouts are available to the release. Gran-Turismo-typical include true locations such as interlagos, spa or daytona as well as invented courses such as the High Speed ​​Ring or Trial Mountain Circuit.

Overall, we should be able to participate in over 400 events. Various Cups are not bound to certain routes in the predecessors, but available on all. For even more variety, further game modes such as time trials, rally and drift competitions, custom races or the Circuit Experience, we learn the courses with you.

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Page 1 Gran Turismo 7: The Racing Simulation in Preview – Page 1

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