Zelda Breath of the Wild is full of secrets and surprises. For example, you can find many different armor and parts of armorsets in the huge Open World. They offer a wide variety of bonuses and are suitable for various activities in the game, so it is not very easy to bend the best armor, but we try it anyway in this Zora armor overview.

In this article you will find the best armor…

  • against lightning
  • for sneaking and fast running
  • for the water
  • for the climbing
  • against fire
  • against cold
  • for high attack intensity

Zelda botw: Which armor is suited for what is best for?

How to work armor sets: The many different arms sets in Breath of the Wild consist of a headgear, a top and pants. The individual parts usually lend certain bonuses alone, but the armor only act if you create all parts of a set. Often there is a very special bonus again.

Which armor is the best? That’s how often in Zelda BotW is. Namely on what you plan. For example, you want to explore the Deathberg in all soul rest, you need a armor that helps against heat. Driving you around in the rainforest, you can use an armor that protects against flash and if you want to take it with the most dangerous opponents, of course, you should also wear the right clothes.

The insulating armor set helps against lightning

That can be the armor: as the name implies, isolate the armor set because it consists of rubber. The items already offer electric protection, but as a set bonus, the shock falls completely away, which normally would lose your weapons.

That’s how your turn comes:

  • Insulating helmet: You must do the bidding “lightning conductors” that you can start on the stable of the lake. It can be improved like all other parts of the set to a defense of 20.
  • Insulation armor: You get in the Toh-Yassa shrine as a reward for the shrine task “exam in the stone” at the tower of the hills.
  • Insulating pants: As a reward for finishing the shrine task “The Thunderbur” in the Kyuta-Nata shrine east of the Phirone tower.

Especially suitable for: Anyone who drives around the tower of the lake in the Zuland forest to visit the source of courage, will get it with strong lightning. Here can be specially flooded, who has no problems with electricity. The challenges in Titan Vah Naboris are also much easier if the electric shocks can not harm.

Ninja armor does not just look at the coolest

That can be the armor: The Ninja mask sees primarily damned cool (especially colored!) And you can get all the Ninja armor in the game very early. For example, it facilitates the bending on horses or enemies enormously and brings higher running speed as a set bonus in the night.

That’s how your turn comes: Both the Ninja mask and Ninja pants and Ninja armor are for sale in the store of Kakariko. All items can be improved up to a defense of 16 if you bring the appropriate objects to a large fairy.

Perfect suitable for: Especially at the beginning, the mask can help immensely to splash on horses to tame them. But the higher speed at night also helps you to flee from nasty skeletons. Later, the slaughter bonus makes it very much easier in the hiding of the YiGa clan, not to be discovered.

The Zora armor is perfect for everything with water

That can be the armor: You will probably love Zora armor, especially above all, that your waterfalls can swim up. This helps extremely to quickly reach its hard-to-reach jobs and goes much, much faster than to climb. Even with rain! The setbonus increases endurance when swimming.

That’s how your turn comes:

  • Zora helmet: In the Toto Lake Northeast of the village of Zora is a treasure chest in the water in which the Zora helmet is waiting. He increases the swimming pace and gives you the swiveling attack in the water. It can be improved like all other parts of the set to a defense of 20.
  • Zora armor: You will receive it after completing the main goal around the Water Titanium Vah Ruta. The armor increases the swimming pace and lets you swim up waterfalls, even if you do not wear the other parts.
  • Zora leg protection: You get as a reward for the side task “Looking for the Leunen”, for which you must talk to Amol in the village of Zoras after completion of the main quest for Vah Ruta. He increases the swimming pace.

Ideal suitable for: Everything that has a lot of water to do. You can swim longer, further and faster. This helps in the treasure hunt, crossing waters and of course fishing. Above all, you can climb extremely fast mountains and rock walls where waterfalls are.

The climbing armor is essential for exploration

That can be the armor: If you want high, you can not pass the climbing armor set. She gives you a higher pace for climbing and as a set bonus, there are again more climbing stamina on top.

That’s how your turn comes:

  • Climbing headscarf: is located in the Ri-Dahi shrine and increases individually the climbing tempo. It can be improved like all other parts of the set to a defense of 20.
  • Climbing gloves: You get in the chasu keta shrine, increases the climber pace.

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* Climbing boots: Do you find in Tahno-A shrine and also increases the climbing pPO.

Especially suitable for all climbing parts. If you want to explore all corners of Hyrule in Zelda Botw, the climbing armor will be in the shortest possible time of a faithful companion.

The anti-fire armor preserves you in front of fire

This can protect the armor: Protect you from the heat that prevails on the active Deathberg volcano. Without at least a part of the armor and its fire protection you can completely forget it completely, relaxing the area around the volcano to explore. As a set bonus, there is no burning, which generally protects you to catch fire. But you have to update the set at least twice from the big fairies.

That’s how your turn comes: Both the anti-fire helmet as well as the anti-fire armor and the anti-fire pants are available in the store of Goronia. But the anti-fire armor also receives her from Masarki on the southern mine, if you brings him ten quenchings. All items can be improved up to a defense of 20 if you bring the large fairies to their sources the corresponding resources.

Ideal for: The complete Eldin region. Until Goronia comes her loose with the industry effect level 1. But then it will be tricky. Especially in higher levels and where much Lava flows, your stage is needed 2. You have provided the set with appropriate upgrades, the heat can not even harm you at all.

The anti-snow armor keeps you warm

That can be the armor: keep you warm. If you go into the snowy areas around the Hebra tower or climbs the icy ranel top, your warm Winter Wam will no longer stand out. As a set bonus, complete immunity waves for freezing if, for example, ice opponents attack you.

That’s how your turn comes: The anti-snow feathers, the orni robe and the orni pants you can buy it straightforward in the store in the village of the orni. For this you have to scroll down what, but the investment is worthwhile. By fairy upgrade, the defense value of all parts can be increased to 20 each.

Perfect for all expeditions in the icy Hebra mountain region, high up in the region of the Gerudo tower or on the ranel tip. Of course, keep you warm at night in the desert and you no longer have to deal with Chili dishes, fire pits and running timers.

The barbarian armor gives you raw strength

What makes the armor? The barbarian armor is considered one of the absolutely powerful armor of the whole game. This is mainly because they provide you with rude power. No other armor gives you more attack strength than this armor. If you do not get along with an opponent, just put these armor before fighting.

That’s how your turn comes:

  • Barbarian mask: in the Toh-Karo shrine, as part of the shrine task “exam on lonely island”. You have to fight through the labyrinth of the irrelity island in the northeast corner of the map, but is essential for it.
  • Barbarian dresses: in the Deira-MA shrine. Also for the barbarian armor you have to beat through a labyrinth, as a shrine task “Examination in the desert” southeast of the tower of the desert.
  • Barbarian pants: Northeast of the Tabanta snowfield you will find the northern missile lock, where you have to do the Shrine Task “Check on the Cliff” for the Kaza Tokki Shrine.

Ideally suited to make difficult opponents like Leunen the Garaus. Of course, you can also do very good services in the left everyday life or in the fight against Ganon as well as the different curses. Just everywhere, where you need more raw strength, damage and breakdown power.

The ancient armor set is the best all-rounder

Last, but not least: Antique armor is perfect for taking it with antique guards in all your different shapes. In addition, the defense value is one of the highest of the game: Only the wilderness is achieved the same values, but you have to do all 120 shrines and does not even get extra antique defense as well as damage bonuses. As a set bonus, additional damage with antique weapons will be prepared again, which makes the antique armor set to the best all-round choice.

This is how it comes to it: The ancient helmet gets you just like the antique armor, the ancient leg protection and all antique weapons or shields exclusively in the AkKala Institute in the northeast of Hyrule. For this you have to collect antique gears, antique axes, screws, springs and reactor cores, and pay 2,000 rubies each. After the individual upgrades, reaches a defense of fabulous 28 per item.

is ideal for the endgame, fighting against guardians (whether in the air, on the ground or stationary) and especially of course for everything in the castle of Hyrule. Especially if you completely carry the armor and combines with antique weapons from the tests of force or, for example, the ancient arc from the AkKala Institute.