It is released in March 2021, and “The Game Award 2021″ is in progress that the “IT Takes Two” filmization and television projects that have acquired Game of the Year in “The Game Award 2021” are in progress by overseas media VARIETY It was reported.

This work by Josef Fares, who worked on “the story of two brothers” and “A way out”, has a couple of divorce with a magical power and a doll and a variety of difficulties A CO-OP limited platform adventure that repairs relationships while overcoming

IT TAKES TWO wins Game of the Year - a look back at Hazelight Studios first co-op game,
The filmization and televisionization projects are developing developer Hazelight Studios and DJ2 Entertainment involved in video and TV conversions and animated projects, and PAT in charge of “Sonic The Movie” script Casey and Josh Miller are participating.

“Because it has a powerful story with many crazy characters and crazy CO-OP actions, it is very great to adapt to movies and televisions.” -Josef Fares (Hazelight Studios founder & Creative Director)

“” IT Takes Two “was also very nice from the media and players. We are excited about the opportunity to expand this loved IP beyond the game frame.” -Oskar Wolontis (Hazelight Studios Manager)

“As with the world of other games, we became a cody, May, Rose, Dr. Hakim and Hazelight’s imaginative fantasy world. These characters on large and small screens And I can not wait to blow life to the world, “-Dmitri M. Johnson (DJ2 Entertainment CEO & Founder)