The Paramount + the transmission service is all included in aureola at the beginning of the year 2022, a point that was very clear with its new Mountointop commercial. The «Mountain of Entertainment» has launched several commercials since its launch that present characters from its popular franchises gathered in a mountain. The new Sunday edition of the Business Series continues the tradition full of stars, but all are gathering to pay tribute to aureola.

The last announcement of Paramount + presents characters from star trek, beavis and butthead, paque of the sur, the good fight, _bob sponge square pants, and many other franchises gathered around a fire. Most of the characters are humming the iconic aureola musical theme in unison. RENO 911! _ Star Thomas Lennon comes confirming that he is the _aureola tune while he talks to yo carly from Miranda Cosgrove. The final character of the ad is Aureola the master chief, shaking his head as he passes through the camp. You can check it down here!

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+

Master Chief and the beloved buzz are not the only pieces of aureola knowledge included in the new Paramount + ad. When the Paramount logo appears on the screen, a covenant ship flies through the screen while everything turns blue.

The announcement of Paramount + came out shortly after Halo’s official trailer, who offered fans the first expanded look at the very expected television series. Arriving in March, aureola will act as one of Paramount + Tquilled Television programs in the future, along with the yellow_piertra_ programs derived from Taylor Sheridan.

Aureola will take place on what is called Silver Timeline, which is separated from all video game events, which allows the series to have freedom with its history.

“Basically, we want to use the existing aureola tradition, history, canon and characters as long as they make sense for a linear narrative, but also clearly separate them so that we do not invalide the central canon or do unnatural things to force a first-person video game In a joint television program. “He said the creative director of the Halo franchise, Frank O’Connor, Silver Timeline recently. «The canon of the game and its tradition extended in novels, comics and other points of sale is central, original and will continue intact while we do aureola games.»

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