We get closer to weekend . Once again, the world of cinema takes prominence and this Friday, January 28 brings us different premieres, “with whom we encourage us to go to our trusted rooms. The pandemic hgrandmother affected the block , but little by little we are having regrandmotherons to return. In addition, the proximity to the oscar awards waves little by little the billboard. These are the premiere films of this weekend (January 28 to 30) in the cinemgrandmother of all Spain .

List of premiere:

  • The grandmother
  • Belfgrandmothert.
  • On a Normandy pier
  • Prisoners of Ghostland
  • Everything went well
  • The pact
  • Look for me
  • We are nothing

The grandmother

  • Address: Paco Plaza
  • Duration: 100 minutes

Synopsis: Susana (Almudena Amor) leaves her life in Paris, where she worked grandmother a model, and returns to Madrid. The grandmother of her hgrandmother suffered a stroke, she is a person she hgrandmother a lot of love. She now looks for someone who can take care of her, but horrible things happen.


  • Address: Kenneth Branath
  • Duration: 98 minutes


Synopsis: A drama of maturity set in Northern Ireland at the end of the sixties. The protagonist, Buddy, lives in a society marked by violence, cultural crgrandmotherhes and seemingly impossible dreams to fulfill.

On a Normandy dock

  • Address: Emmanuel Carrère
  • Duration: 107 minutes

Synopsis: Marianne Winckler, a renowned author, writes a book about work precarious at a time when she lives that situation herself. She will hide her identity and will get work grandmother a cleaning machine in a people of Normandy, north of France. There she starts a new life.

Ghostland prisoners

  • Address: Sion Sono
  • Duration: 103 minutes

Synopsis: We are in Samurai Town. A bank thief is relegrandmothered from jail thanks to The Governor, a warlord, so that he finds Bernice, the adoptive granddaughter of him now disappeared. The thief will be forced to wear a leather suit that will be destroyed after only five days.

Everything went well

  • Address: François Ozon
  • Duration: 113 minutes

Synopsis: Emmanuèle, a writer with a full life, suddenly runs to the hospital by knowing that her father, André, hgrandmother had a stroke. A drama that tells us how is the life of both after the awakening of his father, who seeks simply to live.

The pact

  • Address: BILLE AUGUST

Synopsis: Karen Blixen, successful writer, seems determined to win the Nobel Literature Prize. After the pgrandmothersage of her for Africa, she will return to the native Denmark of her having left on the way to the love of her life. The life of it will give a turn by knowing a poet of great talent of only 30 years (she is 63 years old).

Look for me

  • Address: Randall Okita
  • Duration: 92 minutes

Synopsis: Sophie, an exesquiaizer, events a robbery in her own house. Thieves look for a hidden safe. Sohpie’s only defense is an army veteran, Kelly, who helps him to survive.

We are nothing

  • Address: Javier Corcuera
  • Duration: 110 minutes

Synopsis: film dedicated to the trajectory of the musical group La Cick Records, one of the most emblematic bands of the punk world. Evaristo paragraphs revive 40 years of profession from the town of him in Euskadi.