The world is changing. This is not just a quote from the Lord of the Rings, it is also the perfect description for the current state of the game industry. Microsoft buys Activision and makes one on Netflix, Taketwo buys Zynga and wants to make more mobile, Facebook wants all to the Virtual Reality on Oculus and every Heinz suddenly talks from “Metaverse”.

The companies want to find all their place in the beautiful new world. Ubisoft is at the very beginning. The French try a lot, perhaps to come somewhere on the next big thing, which could catapult into new heights. But I think that this travels slowly becomes a problem.

At the latest after the settler debacle, from a few weeks ago, we know: Ubisoft stokes aimlessly in the fog and sacrifices popular gaming temples on the experimentation table. And that must urgently stop!

Table of Contents

  1. 1UBISOFT at the crossroads
  2. 2 experimental canbsts No. 1: Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  3. 3kaninchen No. 2: The settlers
  4. 4Please not even more gaminghen, ubisoft…

Ubisoft on the crossroads

It is not as bad for the French. Especially the 2020/2021 financial year has brought you with Assassins Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion record sales. Nevertheless, it shows that they are still quite strongly dependent on the season business. Say: If no big games come or even have to be postponed, the turnover breaks in – there is no talk of profit.

Uplay + or Ubisoft + seems to be a groundbreaking success for Ubisoft. Source: Ubisoft Ubisoft has no Call of Duty or FIFA, which brings a gigantic cash flow over the whole year. Your subscription service ubisoft + is also not known to break records with its subscriber numbers and live games, such as Rainbow Six victories are quite popular, but no money printing machine.

So then fluffs one or even several of their triple-a games, such as Assassins Creed or Far Cry, then the finances wobble. All games with the many “ubisoftformel” always depends increasingly the reputation of innovation. This has no impact on the sales figures, but the danger rises that players have no desire for some point. Ubisoft knows this very well and therefore they try all the power to break up new markets.

Trial caninals No. 1: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

That has started the full entry into the NFT market last year. At that time with the Rabbids token, the token had already in the water, but ran under the guise of good for the purpose, as all revenues go to aid organizations. Ubisoft Quartz is now to be the platform on which the company wants to offer its digital value for money in the future. With Ubisoft Quartz, Ubisoft wants to board the NFT business. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is selected as a test canbar. Source: ubisoft

The first game has to serve Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The latest offshoot of the Ghost Recon series did not get away with Release. The world lifeless, the opponent Ki stupid and the microstransaktions at the beginning three. Nevertheless, the game was able to cultivate a stable community over time.

From a purely entrepreneurial point of view, it is the perfect trial canbar. The pool of players is big enough and potential damage rather low. The signal, which is also sent, is catastrophic in my view. Even if the NFT experiment fails, it all hate and the call game also suffers from, Ghost Recon for Ubisoft is unimportant enough that it is faultfast.
If this is not a “great” announcement to the fans.

Rabbit No. 2: The settlers

In 2019, the reboot of the Settler series looked very promising with a lot of cathedral and complex carts. Source: Ubisoft exactly that happens to the settlers. Since you even try again much longer to get the row somehow in the modern time. With moderate success. The sad highlight was so far the spin-off champions of anteria. That should actually be settler 8, but the first concept has failed at players. Because it was too formalized.

Then you have made a kind of hero strategy hybrids from it, but it has failed crashing. 2019 then the bauble beat, because you have the settler inventor on board – now everything will be fine. The first picture for announcement even looks really good with complex construction chains and beautiful blacksmith. But nothing becomes. The settler Reboot is moved indefinitely and massively rebuilt and simplified. That, what should now be released in the coming March at full price is a shadow of his own. Yet again.

And why? Because Ubisoft of course wants to get money out of the game and to my guess, but now fear around Anno has. Anno 1800 was fortunate to become a huge hit. I do not think anyone at Ubisoft has expected to sell season passes for the game for years, but that’s right now and that’s a good thing.

Ubisoft Devs Slam & Call Out Execs Over Shady Quartz NFTs' Uselessness & Negative Impact
After the conversion, the settlers are only a shadow of themselves. Source: PC Games only was a settler in the room that also wanted to score with a complex building strategy. Potentially an attack on the surprising Cashcow Anno from its own ranks. So the settlers come back to the trial caninally and Blue Byte makes a half-wheeler real-time strategy game out. Probably in the request, you may be riding on the hype of Age of Empires 4 or even on the wave of Mobas, which still make a lot of money. The practical view of the lender is also that one does not have to start in development. It simply is the components of the foundation. Way from construction – to war. Whether it fits the series or not, does not matter.

In this case, that weighs even heavier, because Ubisoft has already shown what could have been from settlers. But even here: the series is small or no matter enough that it is feasible for ubisoft to sacrifice them on the experimentation table of possible monetization. Success will not have them after the shitstorm of the fans of all foresight. The sufferers are only the fans in the end.

Please not even more gaminghen, ubisoft…

This is of course a lot of speculation on my part. What the real motivations for the settler reboot were in the end, only Ubisoft knows. We will see how far they are ready to go, in their quest to the next Cashcow. With the project Assassin’s Creed Infinity you dared to be the fatest sow of the company. An online hub united several games in the series is there in conversation, a platform for Assassins Creed fans and maybe with automatic connection to the NFT wallet or similar gimmicks.

Ubisoft will probably continue to experiment in the future. They seem also to become increasingly bolder. Or desperate. The line between them is thin. But they should at all poking around in the fog urgently consider how many fan communities of their games will still scare. At some point may no longer remain.



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