_Battle HEARTHSTONE_Champs was announced in Blizzcon a few days ago, and although the full version is yet to come, a playable beta is now available. If you want to access the new Blizzard automatic combat mode for _foyer, _ you have a lot of options.

Hearthstone Autochess? A Quick Start Guide to HS BATTLEGROUNDS BETA!

The first opportunity has already passed, but if you were a BlizzCon participant, you will have access to the beta upon opening around 10h PST on November 5th. You will be able to keep this access until the end of the beta version on November 12th. If you have bought a virtual ticket (or buy one now because they are always available), you will also have access to the beta version.

The third way to have access is by first buying the descent of dragons extension for foyer (version).

However, for those who do not want to be bored too much for beta access to a new way of play, do not worry: there is another way: you can associate your battle.net and twitch.tv accounts.

It’s a fairly simple process: Go to the Twitch Settings menu (click on your username at the top right and follow the drop-down menus), go to Settings in Settings, Find the Battle.net and follow the instructions. which are given there, and then click Connect, log in to your Blizzard account and you’re d1. Finally, observe any flow under the category (not only _ hearthstone battlechamps, _ any Foyer Stream will do the trick) and you will have a chance to get free beta access.

This is related to an event: the battle of the battlefield, where you can choose one of four teams for which you need to root. The gains of any person promised to this team rely in the total victories of this team, and the winning team, as well as the people who promised them, are given prizes. It should be fun to see who will come out winner.