[I am the 24th Park Yin Jing reporter] Neowiz will show the platform ‘Neopin’ at the same time as the P2E game in the first quarter. The company has recently launched a technical expert, not a business field, It is also noted that it is noted that Neopli, which has accumulated a block chain experience five years ago.

According to the game industry on the 22nd, Neowiz was a representative of the head of the Bae Tae-geun Technology Bible on the 20th. In 2001, the company has been working in 2001 and has been working in the field of technology and developing technology since 2014 as a technical expert with various services and platform operating experience in IT and technology, and has been developed by the technical professionals since 2014.

Neowiz is scheduled to operate with Kim Seung Chul after March, and a joint representative system. Kim Seung-chul, which has been developing and developing the game, and the Representative of Bae Tae-ri, focuses on new technology based on new technology such as block chain and P2E games, NFT (alternative technology).

It is noteworthy that the Neows is a block chain, and it is noteworthy that the Neowiz is a block chain. Especially, we are expected to synergies with affiliated Neopli, which have steadily accumulated infrastructure through a block chain experience.

Neopin is a block-based comprehensive platform that is a block chain that neo-ply and Neowiz are jointly promoted. Based on the strengths of each company, Neo Phara is a block chain, including NFT and Defies, and Neowizu launches P2E game launches and operations. Neopin is currently in progress of the beta service and is the official launch plan this year.

Neo Phara has accumulated related services related to the block chain through a full subsidiary of Neowiz Holdings, Neowiz Holdings, and the Node Operation, blocked project investment. In particular, it has invested in Tera, Clayton, and especially in the December of the Difficulty Financial Services, in October 20, 2020, which has also provided a Kaly deposited and compensation service through its own virtual asset wallet ‘Enblocks’ Wallet.

Neowiz plans to publish P2E on its games such as’ Browners’, ‘Av.A (A.v.a), and so on since March to launch’ Crypto Golf Impact ‘from March to Global Market.

P2E games are serviced based on Neopin basis and users can play the game and exchange coins and exchange them to Neopin tokens. It is also scheduled to use game content to exchange the neopin token with each game coin.

Last November, Shinhan Financial Investment Research Institute was evaluated by Neowiz ‘hidden P2e’. “Neopin is not only the financial services of crypto, but also the NFT, P2E, S2E (Service to Earn), as well as the NFT, P2E, and S2E (Service to Earn),” said Neogin, “said Neogin,” said Neogi, ” I have been expecting a connection with the P2E game as if I have been thoroughly preparing for Korea. “

Optimizing Research Collaboration

Neo-Flim officials said, “As long as they have built up a block chain for a long time, we have prepared NFT and Diffie, including NFT and Defies, and to expand to enlarge.”