In our entry-level guide to Rainbow Six Extraction you will learn:

Use THESE Operators for solo! Rainbow Six Extraction best Operators SINGLEPLAYER | Loadout + tactics
* Which operator are most strongly
* How to use the special ability most meaningful
* Which weapons you should take

RAINBOW SIX Extraction is a spin-off of the well-tried rainbow Six win. Extraction beats a new way and presents itself as a tactical coop shooter . You are no longer struggling against other players, but have to claim you against hostile creatures changed by a virus.

As a player, she assumes the role of specialized soldiers, also called operator, which is all in victories. Each operator has a special ability , which can be used for attack, defense, education or support.

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ELA – Rainbow Six Extraction

  • Roll: Anesthesia, storm
  • Attributes: 3 speed / 1 armor
  • Best weapon: LMG-E

Special ability:

  • GRZMOT MINE: ELA poses adherent approximation mines stunning affected opponents. The mines invite themselves over time. Carriers increase the number of mines, their anesthesia and radius and reduce the recharge time.

Ela is an extremely strong operator that can easily be overlooked. Her approaches can not only be used offensive as grenade but also excellently defensively. With the mines, strong opponents such as torments can be easily stunned and then executing with the knife.

With the mines, however, a retreat can be covered. The advantage of the mines is that they can stun several opponents in a large radius for a long time. Under the protection of the anesthesia, teammates can quickly be brought back to the legs. The LMG-E is one of the best weapons in the game and combines precision, magazine screech and a high man-stop effect.

Pulse – Rainbow Six Extraction

  • Roll: Scanner, Enlightenment

  • Attributes: 3 speed / 1 armor
  • Best weapon: 556xi

Special ability:

  • Heart sensor: Use Pulse its sensor, he recognizes VIPs, missing and nests through obstacles. The first carriage increases the recognition radius. Further promotions allow him to recognize nests and opponents, even if the sensor is in the holster. Allies receive increased speed of movement when the sensor is used.

Pulse is one of the best operator when it comes to the pure enlightenment. With the help of the heartbeat sensor, all opponents and nests can be marked nearby. An indispensable choice, if your task is, for example, to mark the nests .

However, the true strength of Pulse unfolds only if you have received the appropriate promotions. Through these opponents and nests are automatically marked, even if your sensor is in the holster. Furthermore, it is advisable to exchange the shotgun as soon as possible against the MP or the assault rifle .

Finka – Rainbow Six Extraction

  • Roll: Team boost, remote revival
  • Attributes: 2 Speed ​​/ 2 armor
  • Best weapon: Spear.308

Special ability:

  • Adrenaline thrust: Finka increases temporary team response and survival. All members on the ground are revived and prevented unconsciousness. Allies can not die in the time window. Traditions increases the tempered health bonus.

Finka should always choose if you count on the mission with violent resistance . If your key disconnects must defend or unintentionally a large amount of opponents have alerted, the health boost can give you the necessary buffer to eliminate the risk.

In contrast to the DOC, Finka may be revived allies even if there is no visibility contact. Thus, your teammates can quickly bring back to the legs that would otherwise be unreachable. The standard rifle of Finka, the Spear, is extremely precise and causes moderate damage. The versatility of the weapon also makes you useful in the latege.

Vigil – Rainbow Six Extraction

  • Roll: camouflage, reconnaissance
  • Attributes: 3 Speed ​​/ 2 armor
  • Best weapon: K1A

Special ability:

  • ERC-8 disruptor: Starts opponents and makes Vigil invisible for a short time. After a cooldown, the ability to can be used again. Carriers ensure that the period of disturbance increases and the cooldown is reduced. Disturbed opponents are automatically scanned. Due to the last carriage team members are also camouflaged.

Vigil’s special ability is versatile. With his camouflage capability, it can priority targets quickly and quietly kill through the use of his knife. The temporary invisibility also allows fast change of position without being discovered by the opponent. Likewise, allies can be safely and quickly put on the legs without being attacked by streaming opponents. Will you be hunted by several opponents, you can quickly make you invisible and flee from the opponent’s huntadius. Waffentechnisch Vigil is also well positioned and offers with the K1A a good all-rounder . Other guides to Rainbow Six Extraction on opponents: * Rainbow Six Extraction: Tips & Tricks to the Koop Shooter * Rainbow Six Extraction: CrossSplay – so you play together * Rainbow Six Extraction: You need these trophies for platinum visits us Facebook and Instagram and discuss with us about your favorite games.