FC Bayern Munich meets the VfL Bochum on Saturday (15.30 in the LiveTicker). The duel was not only in the first round (7: 0 for the FCB), but also in 2019 in the DFB Cup. At that time, the record champion sat down after a weak performance, and sports council Hasan Salihamidzic then caused a memorable appearance. The statements in the wording.

After the 2-1 victory at VFL Bochum, Salihamidzic had fled to sarcasm. Bavaria had highly deserved back to ten minutes before the FCB turned the game.

Previously, Bayern had put some poor ideas on the day. Around a month later, the then coach Niko Kovac, on the 3rd of November, had to take his hat after a 1-5 clatter against Eintracht Frankfurt.

The interview of Salihamidzic in the wording

_Herr Salihamidzic, are they facilitated, frustrated or angry? _

Hasan Salihamidzic: Top evening. Top. We took the team. That was good.

_OHNE irony? _

Salihamidzic: does not work. I can not today. It does not work without irony.

To we talk again about the same problems.

Salihamidzic: No, no, no. Just let. You can not analyze that evening, we will not do that either. That’s easy – tick off quickly and I’m glad we drive back to Munich.

_ Is it done that you do not analyze it? _

Salihamidzic: Oh, come, please.

Salihamidzic: “We did a huge game”

Aber you have to analyze it.

Salihamidzic: No, does not work. We made a huge game.

_Man can try it: the 80 minutes – what is there anything about a second division? _

Salihamidzic: Nee, let. Ten minutes were good, we made pressure and shot two goals. It has to be done with that. Now we focus on Frankfurt.

LEON GORETZKA just said, you would have the feeling that the joy of fun to play here, in a horny stadium a horny cup evening, was not so noticeable in the team. That must already be thought.

Salihamidzic: Yes. It is the pleasure to get back to the bus now and be in the next round.

VFL Bochum – FC Bayern Munich 1: 2: notes and single critics for FCB

_Why you still lure them today? _

Salihamidzic: I just came out of friendliness. And now you can go home again. OK?

_NEIN, Mr. Salihamidzic. Two minutes still.

Salihamidzic: Yes!

_Whas must be better in Frankfurt? _

Salihamidzic: We will travel to Frankfurt on Friday and will prepare for the game, try – Oh, come, please. So, the… (laughs)

_ If we have you ever have here, we have to…_

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Salihamidzic: Yes, I’m there, but just to be there. Because that was just a game we have to check out quickly, but thank God there’s a game in four days again.