The new Secollection eventon of Apex Legends burst with resistance from this week and coincides with the celebration of the video game’s birthday. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have uncovered the collection event of the third anniversary , which will take place between February 15 and March 1. collection event they have detailed in press relecollection evente, players will enjoy new collection eventpects of squad, a rewards tracker made by the community, collection event well collection event the premiere of prestigious collection eventpects.

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All the details of the collection event

The anniversary rewards tracker includes 12 cosmetics designed by the community itself . It also comes with 24 limited mcollection eventks that can be achieved during the anniversary event.

collection event for the new appearance of prestige it is about Bloodhound . They are a new level of rarity within the legendary collection eventpects (with 3 different levels). When unlocking level 1, players will have the opportunity to complete the challenges that will allow them to rise to level 2 and 3 without any kind of additional cost.

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On the other hand, the legendary squadron sets arrive at the store and introduce new collection eventpects bcollection evented on some of the favorite squadrons of users, such collection event Hype Becollection eventt of Crypto, Black Heart of Causic and more. In the event store there will be special offers while it lcollection eventts in collection event.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale Free-to-play currently available at PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. It can also be played on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5 through retraction, although native versions have transcended through PlayStation Network and agencies that clcollection eventsify the Games by ages in Europe, the United States and Taiwan. At the moment EA hcollection event not announced anything, although it is no secret that the study hcollection event been immersed in the development of an optimized version for the new generation of consoles.