Last update there is July 23, 2020

The Day of the Dev introduced 17 independent games. It was a bit too much to cover in a small story, so in this article, that lists the puzzle games. Also check out the action-adventure games and my best choices.

  • Find me : This is one of the games from the Girls Make Games project. Inspired by limbo, it is a puzzle resolution game where you play a separate shadow from your person. It will be available later this year on Steam followed by a console output.
  • An airport for foreigners currently managed by dogs : Strange Scaffold has developed a comedy game in open world that simulates a terrible airport. The game changes constantly as you play, it means that two parts will not be identical. If you feel a little depressed at the current stop of COVID 19, this game could cheer you up. He is happy and kind. The game consists of silly jokes and pictures of cute animals.

  • Mundaun : Hidden Fields has developed a game that must be seen to be appreciated. The whole game is meticulously designed by hand. It presents a dark history of horror full of secrets to discover and puzzles to solve.

  • ALBA – An adventure of wildlife : Ustwo Games has developed this game. I was a little disappointed that the preview does not show much. But if their previous games Momentum Valley and Assemble With Care are an indication, I expect the game to be a beautifully illustrated puzzle game.
  • MaskMaker : Maskmaker is a VR game designed by innerspacevr. A bit of the game has been shown, but not much. Presumably, the game will be similar to their previous game _A fisherman’s tale. So, if you enjoyed this game and / or that virtual reality does not hurt you, you may want to know more about this game.