Between the scarcity of components and the prices charged by the merchants, one can legitimately turn to the gaming machines mounted. Alienware is a PC Gamer specialist and his Aurora R11 tour takes advantage of 300 € discount at LDLC and

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Alienware is a specialist in PC gamer . Between its notebook and its towers, Dell’s subsidiary offers cutting machines for the performance and strong of their unique futuristic identity. If the design preferences of a machine Gaming are personal, the performance of it speak in a universal language.

On the performance pane, the Alienware Aurora R11 is not left out, boarding carved components for Gaming . Inside, we find a processor Intel Core i7 10700F Featuring 8 Hearts and 16 _Threads _ Amount up to 4.8 GHz Accompanied by 16 GB RAM. But the most exciting remains his graphics card NVIDIA RTX 3070 . This overpowering GPU carved for the game in QHD 1440P is at this moment the victim of the shortage and is trading at prohibitive rates. For storage, we have the right to a combo SSD + HDD of 512 GB and 1 TO , enough to download a large number of games, perfect for a machine gaming .

For players who want a fixed Gamer PC, and launch their uncomfortable games, this PC Gaming Alienware is an excellent choice, offering excellent performance and great opportunities for scalability. At this moment, this PC Gamer takes advantage of 300 € discount at LDLC and , which carries the price of this machine at 1999.95 € instead of 2299.95 €.

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Discover the offer at LDLC

What alternative?

Alienware Aurora R11 INTEL I9 Rtx 3070 (2020) test benchmark games high settings

Although this tariff, despite the shortage, is quite reasonable, it still represents a substantial budget. Fortunately, it is always possible to offer a powerful and less expensive computer. On this segment, the Acer Orion 3000 is positioned well, with a balanced configuration, based on a processor Intel Core i5 11400F and a RTX 3060 , which is largely sufficient to enjoy the _ * Ray tracing _ in full HD . The typed gamer design is of course. The storage is identical to that of Alienware R11 , counting on a SSD of 512 GO and a HDD of 1 TO *.

At the moment, this PC Gamer Acer also benefits from a nice reduction , from 20% , passing just below the bar of 1000 €. It is possible to equip itself with this machine Gaming at 999.99 € at Darty .

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