The Säben Straße in Munich has long since become a synonym for Bayern. Here, the record champion once built his home, here the club resides today. But the complex in the south of the city also brings some disadvantages. Disadvantages that allegedly bring the responsible persons into pondering.

FC Bayern, that is out of question, belongs at all levels to the best of world football. However, even the Munich must be careful that they are not overhauled by the competition and at some point will be suspended. To prevent that, ponder the board Oliver Kahn and Co. intensively about how you can make the club future-proof. The club grounds at the Säben Straße should give you quite worries.

FC Bayern Munich - the 'Mia san Mia' phenomenon | DW Documentary (Sports documentary)
So traditional the terrain in the south of Munich is and as much as it is representative of Bayern, so great are the limitations associated with the situation. The record champion is simply missing in place in order to expand the training site into a “super complex”, as other clubs have long since.

An internal analysis of the club has a report of the “Säbener Straße Image” brought the realization that FC Bayern has recovered in this area. Infrastructure Technically, the club in comparison to unite as Manchester City, the FC Liverpool or even RB Leipzig afterwards.

Does the FC Bayern leaves the Säbener Straße?

Said clubs invested many millions in the past to bring their training centers to the latest state. Even the Munich modernized its system again and again. Your possibilities at the Sägen Straße are limited.

For this reason, on a common strategy session, the move to the Bayern campus in the north of the city should have been discussed for a short time. According to “Säbener Straße Image”, however, this is “barely feasible” – quite apart from the fact that a move would probably pull a big outcry and protests of one’s own followers. Opposite the newspaper, the club did not want to comment on these plans.

Whether the FC Bayern the Säbener Straße is really at some point and a state-of-the-art training ground builds outside the city remains to be seen. Further construction measures at the current location are the “Säbener Straße Image” according to an option. Here, however, it must be checked, however, whether this should be implemented building rights, the sheet reports.