“This is certainly the hardest day of my career. I can not accept the judgment of the jury,” wrote the Vice World Champion.

Smith was initially at the third place in the Skicross final, a rank in front of Maier. At the Olympic Sieg of the Swedine Sandra Näslund before the Canadian Marielle Thompson, however, only gold and silver were confirmed by the jury. The third place was closed by Smith after a minute video studies.

Swiss head coach: “No chance”

Skicross Renning Director Klaus Waldner had then defended the return of the Swiss and referred to as a “hard, but fair decision”. In the opinion of the jury, Smith had hindered her German opponent on the destination straight through her German counterpart by a step to the left.

Big drama! Fanny Smith loses Olympic medal in ski cross controversy | 2022 Winter Olympics

Smith’s success chances in the case of a protest are considered very low. “The decision is,” had the sporting director, Heli Herth, declared. The head coach of the Swiss Skicrossers, Ralph Pfäffli, said, “We have no chance to appeal here, otherwise the races would be decided on the green table”.