When the Survival Horror Adventure Daymare: in 1998 just two years ago for PC and console appeared, the thing looked like a resident Evil copy screaming to the sky: as in Capcom’s cult-grusel you explore here in Third-person perspective A small town that has turned into a zombie-enforced death zone by a bio-weapon accident. Again, unscrupulous and strictly secret large corporations have their fingers in the game. And again, it slips into the role of a bang-hard special unit whose name must naturally from an acronym. This time has had Hades instead of stars.

But DAYMARE also offered a lot of own: the project originally actually started as a resi-2 fan-remake, convinced with numerous fresh ideas and justified, despite rather average criticism that the developers now bring a successor to market – or Better, a predecessor. As the name Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle already suggests, it is a prequel that plays four years before the events of Part 1.

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We were able to watch a demo of horror trips in advance and clarify in the preview: how well the grusel formula has been further developed over the past two and a half years? And how do zombies and sand castles actually fit together?

Hey There Dalila!

While you experienced the history of Daymare: 1998 through the eyes of three different characters, the successor is only a heroine in the spotlight: Specialist in Dalila Reyes, member of the predecessor Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search – Short Hades.

The infiltrines together with their team an experimental laboratory of the US government, to which after an incident of all contacts can be aborted. You should see it after the right and sensitive data mountains before the president comes even more in explanatory notes, which he organizes a bit in a secret underground bunker.

From the routine emission with the Codename Sandcastle (here the Sandburg comes into play!) Of course, it will quickly fight for life and death, in which not only terrible details about secret research projects, but also from Dalila’s past to the daylight. That does not read that wrong at least in theory.

We liked it, however, that Daymare works a lot with Environmental Storytelling again. Blood spitzer on the walls, corpses in disfigured poses – the labyrinth-like underground complex tells his own stories and presents itself atmospherically. It comes up this typical 90s-year horror vibe. One stands under constant tension, because you never know exactly what is lurking behind the next corner, but in the head but ever painted the worst.

Zombie brain on ice

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle - Official Demo Trailer
This is supplemented by any amount of documents and audio logs that draw a gloomy image of it, which has occurred in the research facility. These lore snippets are called over a revised user interface: In its predecessor, you still had a kind of PDA on the wrist that offered an overview of your vital functions and your inventory.

Since you have to lay cumbersome medipacks and spare magazines on two hotkeys to use the then ingame. Everything is much easier now. With “R” is simply lasted, healed with “G”. A welcome change.

The baller itself is unfortunately at most ok: Shotgun and Machine Gun is missing the last bum. We have seen nothing seen from the promised mutilation feature. It splends at most blood, but body parts remain all of it. Even after a load of shot, the skin of your adversary has a loupe.

The hit feedback has so much better the great model Resident Evil. At least it will be exciting through the new cold spray with which your opponent can paralyze or even freeze to turn your head into crushed ice. After all, this remains in Daymare the motto: Without brain, nothing works for zombies.

Resident Evil greetings

Speaking of the brain: Of course, not only is clentrified in the game. In addition to your trigger fingers, your gray cells are also called for every now and then. Daymare is waiting with a few classic surrounding riders, as you can also know from Resident Evil: Since small puzzles have been solved, landing chairs brought into the right order or tubes are cooled.

Here and there there’s something backtracking. This loosens the survival horror, but does not represent surmountable hurdle. Anyone who has played an action adventure in the last ten years, which is clear here. Especially since Daymare: 1994 introduces a scanner compared to its predecessor, with which you can chop in computer and see the environment for interesting points.

Of course, in all the criticism, you may not forget that behind the game is not a triple-a-studio with giant budget, but a just 30-headed team. There you can forgive a few deficits.

My opinion

From David Benke
[email protected]

No Resident Evil replacement, but a solid alternative

Greater budget, larger team, better game: That was the motto for Daymare 1994: Sandcastle. Whether that has been entirely, after a nearly 20-minute demo, it can not be said yet. The first impressions that we were allowed to collect so far, but at least optimistic: the graphic has been improved again, the gameplay revised on the necessary jobs. The overall package is definitely consistent than in two and a half year old initial. Whether it’s enough for the big litter, but I would still doubt. With a Resident Evil Daymare can definitely not measure. Until sometime a new part of Capcom’s cult-grusel appears, you get here but at least solic replacement.

If you want to make a picture of Daymare in 1994: Sandcastle, this will start from February 21, 2022. As part of the Steam Next Fest, a first demo of survival horror will be published. The final release should then take place sometime this year. When exactly the title for PC, PlayStation and Xbox appears, but the makers have not yet revealed.

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