Atletico, the coach Diego Simeone changed to a total of five positions (among other things, Suarez and Joao Felix started in the storm), had lost against the bottom of the table during the week. But against Osasuna, the Rojiblancos started customs: Joao Felix came to the ball after a corner on the second post and met by direct acceptance (3.).

Afterwards, the guests retreated and Osasuna had over long stretch the ball. Open the households who certainly determined the game, rarely. However, it became dangerous within a very short time: First, Budemir hit the post only the post (38.), subsequently Oblak arrived a volley shot from Nacho Vidal (39.).

As Not Seen On TV: Simeone Almost Crazy Against Osasuna

Suarez ‘Precision work – Correas Heber marks the final point

Atletico also found itself in the second round on the defensive. Little surprising that the second goal resulted from a counterattack. Like Suarez, however, the 2-0 scored, is not too oppressed: After a corner Osasunas Joao Felix sent the Uruguayer to the left. Osasunas Keeper Herrera was wide, so Suarez had a free train on goal – an opportunity he did not take from 38.5 meters and with the first contact (59.).

At the gameplay, the second hit also changed little: Osasuna played around the box of the guests, but came too rarely into the dangerous z1. Kike Garcia (70th) and again Budemir by head (78.) caused the only significant opportunities of the home owners. Instead, the final point was allowed to set the substitute Correa with his hits for 3: 0: He picked up the ball past Herrera and in the right corner (89.). Cleared and effectively Atletico took this away win and presented in the fight for the Champions League places.

On Wednesday (21 clock) Atletico denies the eighth-finish first leg of the Champions League against Manchester United. In the league, the next Saturday (21 clock) goes on against Celta Vigo. On Sunday (18.30 clock) Osasuna is a guest at Real Sociedad San Sebastian.